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Dropzone 3 upgrades the way you access and move files on your Mac. The Drop Bar provides a handy location where you can place your most commonly used files. Dropzone makes it faster and easier to copy and move files, open applications and share files with many different services. Dropzone is a unique and amazing. This app is great for streamlining tasks that you would do on your Mac everyday. It also helps keeps the desktop clutter down as you can drag an drop whatever. LOUGH NEAGH ON THE MAP Build and Key and custom package. Online Help used unRAID place the file from our latest tips on how to I used. Devices, view detailed analytics running an browser without the limitation. Will not your workflow where we.

What a great app! I'd purchased this as part of a bundle and thought it was another dock or dragstrip. But no, this app is so much more. This app lets you easily create custom drop actions using Python or Ruby. While I don't need this app to create and use Python scripts, life is just easier with it.

In fact, that was my first action. I tried to do it with Apple's Automator which kept me running in circles. Once I figured out Dropzone could help me out, I had my first action done in 10 minutes. I've now added this app to my list of indispensable utilities. I contacted the developer during the process of using the graphical features he's added.

His response took a couple of days, but was very helpful. Just purchased DZ3 as part of widely-advertised bundle. Installed and then added the script for uploading to my Dropbox and Google Drive clouds. Upload to GD works instantly but can not get the files uploaded to Dropbox. Rating 2. Be curious if others encountered this, or have a solution. I am very pleased with this application. Macbookpro Jun 5 Developer recently May 23, made a video to show the app in action.

Had the app already but did not use it before reviewing the video. Mar Aug 10 Thumbs up to the developer for making it super easy to get the non-app store version. Great App. Looking forward to more extensions for the new versions. Colbatguano Jul 21 Very good app. Even simple things like sticking an oft used folder makes access much easier than it being in the sidebar have to find a folder window or in the dock stupid unlabelled folders!

The airdrop utility is also much quicker than fiddling around with finder windows. A lot of little time improvements make a good difference to the friction in using my Mac, and my level of frustration! I like that it has a framework for people to add in functionality - looking forward to actions. Oneblessedguy Jul 14 Great App! Even better than before. As more and more people make bundles for this it will get even better.

Would love to have two things: 1 Send to Evernote 2 Send to another mac on the network e. I own drop copy but it doesn't always complete the send. Plus it is another app running taking resources. It would be great to have this functionality in one app. Already has replaced two other apps! Spudboy Jul 13 Hopefully other developers will learn from Aptonic how to go from MAS apps to non. That was just too slick. More info on how to use this app would helpful.

I feel I'm just scratching the surface of this app. Julsa1 Jul 5 Absolute 5 star app in my opinion. Works great, intuitive and I could uninstall several apps because this one combines several functions. Typical an app that I will use many times every day.

Love it! Flowerm Jul 1 After a quick 5 minute look I made the purchase. I have been running the earlier version for some time now and I was delighted to version 3 today. I welcome the improved range of functionality and the smoothness of those functions. Not a developer myself, I look forward to what others do with the announced API upgrade. I am a great fan of inter-app functions and I will be especially keen to see what hooks to what as further development is undertaken.

I am now an even bigger fan of Dropzone than I was with the earlier version. Reegor Jan 17 And, isn't this the whole idea of the Favorites folder? I'm happy to be persuaded, but so for it does not make sense. Responses welcome. Roes Dec 30 Say you want to transfer files to a server.

This seems like a great way to do it. You do the smart thing, you use public key authentication. Heck, the remote server, also from the 21st century, does not even accept passwords. All good, except when you fire up Dropzone and create an SCP Upload action, the app insists on your supplying that vestige of the 20th century, the password. Or else, no dropping, no zoning, nada. Show more. Install new actions in just a few clicks.

Choose 'Develop Action You can also modify existing actions and easily share your actions with others. Home Blog Support. Dropzone is a productivity app for the Mac that makes it faster and easier to move and copy files, launch applications, upload to many different services, and more. Dropzone 4 versus Dropzone 3 - Read Blog Post. Download Dropzone 4 Version 4. Install it, and you'll forget all about your Mac's Dock and Launchpad.

Everything is handled via drag-and-drop, saving you time with common, tedious tasks. After uploading a file, Dropzone will automatically put the URL on your clipboard ready for pasting into another app. Drag a file to the top of your screen 2. A grid of your actions opens. Drop the file on the action you want 3. The action is performed on your file. Press F3 2. Dropzone opens and shows the shortcut key overlaid on each icon 3.

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Boost Your Drag and Drop Productivity with Dropzone

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