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Ohana FIT. @ohanaassociationfit · Gym/Physical Fitness Center. Send message. Hi! Please let us know how we can help. A Health & Fitness Fundraiser. The Kaua'i North Shore Community Foundation created Ohana Fit Fest in as a family-friendly obstacle fun run. Due to the. We are a women's only studio that focuses on creating a safe and welcoming environment where you can build your strength and confidence from. SMALLEST Rip Cut unpacks the five seconds to the. Result: A to connect one scan at a. Whether you're have permission the room than the still be to access. Disabled This Custom branding.

Please let us know how we can help. See all. We are a woman's only studio that focuses on building women's strength and confidence from the inside out! Try out a class for free today! We are a woman's only studio that focuses on creating a safe and comfortable environment where you can build your strength and confidence from the ins… See more. Closing soon. Our little black dress program takes the guesswork out of meal planning and losing weight.

We provide you with multiple eating plan options all done for you! Looking for a simple meal plan to follow that will help you get results?! We promise your whole family will love these recipes! Signup and try it out yourself! Click on the link www. LBD In-Studio!

LBD Online Only! Ohana Blue Crop Tank. Short Sleeve White Onesie. Ohana Black Crop Tank. Long sleeve gray onesie. To no surprise, over a period of months, my weight creeped up over 30 lbs. Soon I found myself not only struggling with the daily symptoms of MdDS, but also with anxiety surrounding a new life and career. It became so bad, I was having daily palpitations racing heart beat and trouble sleeping. At this point I decided it was time to change my life.

This was my last resort before I went back to my doctor and asked to be put on medications for my anxiety. At first the program was overwhelming and I had no idea if I would even be able to do it. I work 12 hour night shifts, sometimes up to 8 in a row. The first round I tried I did fail and not finish, but Erin encouraged me to try again. I am so glad I did! Since last January, I have lost over 30 lbs and more amazingly have kept it off.

My anxiety and MdDS symptoms are better than ever which is so much more important to me than any pound lost. I still have a lot more I would like to accomplish, but I know Erin and Sam will help me get there. I have never been more consistent with diet and exercise in my life. No matter how far off track I get at times, LBD is there every 3 months to remind me to get back on the horse. The women in the group are so supportive and motivating. I have never stepped foot in the Ohana studio, although I hope to soon to meet all of the friends I have made through this experience.

Erin and Sam are truly life changers. They have changed my life from 8 hours away. Imagine what they can do for yours! I started my health and fitness journey about 4 years ago. I had zero energy for doing much more than getting through the work day and would go home and veg out on the couch after.

I hated how I looked and how clothes fit me so I decided to make a change. I started using a couple different in home workout programs and was able to lose about 35 lbs. Through focusing more on my nutrition as well as the varying workouts provided I was able to start to see results again.

Since joining Ohana in June of I have lost another 35 lbs totaling at 70 lbs but the biggest things for me has been being able to focus less and the scale and more on how my body looks and feels. I never expected to do more than the online LBD program and maybe a class here or there since I live about an hour away from Ohana. However, I started group personal training with Sam in February and added on an individual training session in October and have noticed such a difference in my muscle definition as well as how I feel mentally after a good butt kicking workout.

Joining Ohana has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has not only changed my life but I have made so many amazing friendships with the other women who workout there and have an amazing support system of women I can call on when I need a little push! I left my job as the assistant fitness director at the Detroit Athletic Club in Oct of to pursue my dreams of starting my own in-home training business.

This was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life! Throughout the last few years in my life, I have found that my sole purpose on this planet is to inspire and motivate people to live happier and healthier lifestyles. At NPTI, I had over hours of nutrition training and hours of practical and technical body movement training. My mission is to instill in my clients that fitness and eating well is never punishment, but rather an exciting and fulfilling way to live your BEST life!

Have the cookie, but not ten. Outside of Ohana, I am an animal lover, interior design lover, grammar-obsessed, married dog momma who loves to curl up to Netflix marathons and sit at restaurants for hours with my friends and family. I joined the Ohana team after participating in the Little Black Dress program. I am certified personal trainer through NASM. My passion for fitness has evolved through the past 7 years as I made my own transformation.

After 22 years of yo-yo dieting, crying in dressing rooms and binge eating until I felt sick, I took control of my health and am now down 70 pounds through good food choices and exercise. Helping women realize their own strength and build the muscles that come along with it has made such a positive impact in my own life.

I love everything that the Ohana fitness family stands for and I look forward to sharing it with you! As an ordained Lutheran pastor ELCA , it is important to me that women are empowered in healthy and uplifting communities, which motivate us to be and live as our best, most authentic selves. I believe that everyone has a story to share that helps motivate others to embody strength and wellness as a full-body experience, which includes treating not only our physical wellness as a priority, but also our emotional, intellectual, and vocational well-being with love and respect.

Bryn and I recently relocated to Michigan in early for his career. Shortly thereafter I was connected with Ohana Fitness and Wellness by a mutual friend. This program is designed to be a plateau-proof party in every class!

Is for Every-Body! I enjoy long walks and spending time with my hubby and three kids. She uses her honest words, creativity, and fun-loving personality to inspire and empower others to break through personal barriers and live life to their fullest potential.

Melissa discovered Ohana Fitness and Wellness and felt instantly connected to our mission of promoting the health and wellbeing of women in the community! She is excited to be welcomed into the Ohana family and cannot wait to utilize her background and personal experiences amongst this amazing group of women! Outside of this work, she is a photographer, self-proclaimed crazy dog lady, adventure seeker, and lover of all things outdoors.

I have always had a passion for health and fitness and helping other people. I was teaching classes, coaching and instructing clients on how to live a healthy lifestyle and then I met Sam. I am blessed to have met a perfect piece to my puzzle in living out my dreams. To join her in opening Ohana at the new location, was just a great opportunity I knew that together Sam and I could work and follow our dreams together!

I always told myself that I wanted to help change at least one persons life. With being part owner of Ohana, I know that I will be able to fulfill that dream. I am on a mission to do just that. Having certifications that include: certified personal trainer, certified group exercise instructor, certified specialist in fitness nutrition, booty barre and turbo kick, I use my education and experience to lead women to use both fitness sand nutrition to see results and accomplish their weight loss goals.

Providing women with the confidence to know that they are worthy of the time and effort it takes to have a weight loss story and for them to realize they deserve it. Struggling with self-doubt and anger, yoga helped me to overcome those emotions and continuously live every day in the present.

I love sharing this practice with my students, as we journey together to find our inner light. Ashley studied with the American Council on Exercise to become certified as a personal trainer. She trained with Tracy Sher and Antony Lo at the female athlete, bulletproof your core and pelvic floor course.

The method that Ashley is certified to teach will help you get your body functioning correctly, be strong, and have you feeling body confident with a body that works right! Most importantly Ashley will teach you how to do this the correct way by easing your postpartum body back into fitness the right way.

It will get you back to where you deserve to be, having a strong core and pelvic floor, functioning right, and have you reaching your goals safely! Take it from Ashley, who herself had a 3 finger wide diastasis recti DR that she discovered after her third child. Ashley is a military wife of 13 years. She and her husband have three beautiful daughters. She has lived all over the World, including six years in Europe, but she calls Indiana home.

Michigan became their new home in the summer of She worked hard for three years to get her pre-baby body back. This is one reason she is so passionate about reaching the postpartum moms as soon as she can, after delivery. Had she known then what she knows now, her journey may have been much different. Ashley started her own business, BeYoutiful Within, in June and has already helped hundreds of women correct leaking incontinence , alleviate lower back pain, reduce their baby belly, and helped them reach their specific goals.

Ashley is very passionate about helping the postpartum mom, no matter how long it has been. Ashley has helped moms who are as little as three weeks postpartum all the way to 30 plus years postpartum. The program she teaches can be modified so that it makes a perfect fit for each woman and where they are at in their own unique journey.

Ashley understands the struggles of everyday life as a mother. This is why the services she provides are flexible and she works with her clients to best suit their needs. Ashley sees clients in their homes, has various locations she can offer private sessions, and teaches classes and workshops all over Metro — Detroit. She holds a Bachelor degree in Philosophy with a concentration in Ethics, a minor in Biology, and her Honors courses included ballet.

Myers has staged and choreographed ballets including: The Nutcracker, Cinderella, Coppelia, and The Four Seasons as well as original contemporary ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary pieces for recitals, dance festivals, televised worship services, conferences and non-profit organizations including The American Cancer Society and The Assembly of God Fine Arts Festival. Myers has been training and conditioning dancers for over 20 years and holds certifications in: personal training, PiYo, and the Ballet Magnificat Instructor Intensive Training Program which includes kinesiology, strength and conditioning, Pilates for dancers, yoga for dancers, ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, worship dance, improvisation, pointe, pas de deux and ministry.

Ms Myers is also an accomplished water woman, therapy dog handler and cancer survivor who spent her summers growing up on the sandy shores of Lake Huron. I work part-time at Troy Beaumont as an Exercise Physiologist working with heart patients after they have had a heart intervention. My journey began after a quick 20lb weight gain over a summer working on Mackinac Island! I started exercising like crazy and really started getting interested in how the body works, so I started investigating and researching.

I found out that this could be a career for me so I went with it! Little did I know this shy introverted woman you see today fulfilled a piece of me that I never thought existed! I will give you the best possible workout and will always make it challenging, fun and different so boredom never sets in. My passions have recently shifted from mostly Zumba to focusing more on Hiit style formats Tabata , Hiit, Bootcamp and focused groups like Butts and Guts and Core.

My journey is ongoing but I know Ohana was a place I needed to be a part of, they are not a gym where faces are just a payment they truly care about each and every person, their goals, accomplishments and self-worth… they are a team! Although I obtained my NASM personal training certification in , my journey to health and fitness began long before that.

I learned quickly that I could not continue to eat whatever I wanted and live a sedentary lifestyle. I tried every diet under the sun and my weight fluctuated massively. This led me to not feeling healthy, strong, or confident, so I decided to educate myself in weight training and nutrition. With time and patience, I started to see changes in my body, and most importantly I felt strong and healthy again!

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than being able to guide my clients through an experience that makes them happy, healthy and confident. I have been an Ohana member since Sept and fell in with fitness and recently took the leap to become an instructor!

My favorite workout is tabata and I am a self proclaimed Burpee Queen! I love pushing my clients to try something new and try to push them out of their comfort zones so they can become the best version of themselves!

You can find me teaching strength based or cardio based classes, come join me! I promise it will be a blast!! Hi all! In fact, if not teaching, you can usually find me being a human jungle gym and chasing these girls around somewhere! The upbeat music, party atmosphere, and the killer workout are just extras! I love showing non-dancers that they can move their bodies in a fluid way and get a great full-body workout.

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Ohana Fitness and Wellness.

Hd feet Hey Ladies! The Health Center has been offering health promotion and education to Waianae Coast community for more than 40 years. I enjoy doing all of this with my husband, Brandon, and young daughter, Brynnly! Although I obtained my NASM personal training certification inmy journey to health gift code endless journey fitness began long before that. I tried every diet under the sun and my weight fluctuated massively.
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Party non stop Jenna Vitale Ohana Instructor Jenna teaches a mix of strength based or cardio based classes. Outside of Ohana, I am an animal lover, interior design lover, grammar-obsessed, married dog momma who loves to curl up to Netflix marathons and sit at restaurants for hours with my friends and family. I am 51 years old and finally have climbed the Sleeping Bear Dunes this summer, hiked the Redwoods in CA this fall and other physical challenges Ohana fit would have struggled to even do before joining Ohana. And I will be forever grateful I took the chance to make me better for me. Soon Gift code endless journey found myself not only struggling with the daily symptoms source MdDS, but also with anxiety surrounding a new life and career.
ohana fit

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