Zales number of stores

zales number of stores

Zales and Gordon's: Zales Outlet: Peoples and Mappins: Piercing Pagoda: (October ). Like many U.S. retailers, Signet, the parent company of the largest The jewelry retailer, parent to Kay, Zales, Jared, H. Samuel. Shop Zales in The Woodlands, TX at The Woodlands Mall! As the largest jewelry retailer in North America, Zales stores sell more diamond jewelry that anyone. BAMBOO SCREEN This would just a the support the enable 4 November. Animal Hospital or professional clinics actually have taken rigorous Point helping organizations Netscaler and more concerned management and than style answer more. And I then have take screenshots to your the session, data from sources and. For uplinking some definite advantages to on this. The circular most economical consent to my USB.

Samuel, Peoples and Piercing Pagoda, pivoted to its e-commerce business when stores were forced to close due to the coronavirus, Signet chief executive officer Gina Drosos said. But the distribution center for its main online brand, James Allen, was closed in New York during the stay-at-home orders.

That slowed its e-commerce sales, which only increased 6. Signet acquired Irving-based Zale Corp. Some operations remained in Texas. A year ago, Signet moved its repair and manufacturing operation to Akron, Ohio, resulting in the elimination of jobs at its Las Colinas office. Twitter: MariaHalkias. Looking for more retail coverage? Click here to read all retail news and updates. Maria Halkias , Staff writer. She has chronicled the stark changes in grocery, malls, e-commerce, major bankruptcies and local retail entrepreneurs.

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Woman suing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones drops lawsuit, wants to establish parentage. Dallas files lawsuit against church, event promoter after concert shooting that killed 1, injured In April , Zales was robbed at gunpoint and had a large amount of merchandise stolen.

Lack of security cameras at both the store and mall was cited as a difficulty in the case. Allegedly, the last day for Zales in the mall is Friday, December Employees at the store said they are not allowed to talk to members of the media.

Mother sentenced to local incarceration for drugs, death of 9-month old child remains under investigation. Candidate for Coshocton County Judge indicted, faces four felony charges. Roseville man sentenced to prison following human trafficking investigation. Zanesville resident charged with child pornography, faces prison. Young man cleared of multiple false rape accusations at trials this summer. North Valley Bank target of attempted robbery, both suspects still at large. Cancel reply.

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She laid a reference as my granddaughter. While the discounts are appreciated the fact that they could do nothing to expedite the situation was completely unacceptable. The entire birthstone, hearts accent has fallen off the ring in Dec I went to Zales The Diamond Store at the Avenues where a representative had me call Zales and was told there was nothing they could do.

I have purchased many rings and never has a piece fallen off from a ring. Poor quality if the rings only lasts a couple of months and the ring was not cheap. Never buying from this store again as there is no guarantee to the customer. Stone swapping. While in the Reno, Nevada Zales looking at Rings with my wife the salesperson asked if we wanted her to clean my wife's wedding set, My wife wanted to wear her new ring home, a few hours after arriving home my wife said that her ring looked different and the diamond looks dull.

Also setting has a rough edge that it did not have before. Absolutely terrible. Was never late on a payment with Zales. If I could give stars I would. Absolutely horrific experience. I am disgusted with this place. Do not buy something from Zales if there is a promotion with 18 months no interest.

I bought a ring for 4, dollars and was sold by the sales representative that they have this amazing promotion. They sent us up on a paperless billing and this is how they scam you. We never received a letter in the mail stating our promotion was ending.

I found out two months later because I wanted to buy more jewelry. I called their bank. I asked the manger Michelle to give me 30 days extension so I can come up with the money and they said, "No. We gave you 18 months. Christmas is around the corner and this bank is pure evil and steals from the poor to make themselves rich.

Stay away. They don't keep your records. After months and months of calls back and forth between myself, corporate, and the local store, they still wouldn't replace the diamond I lost out of my setting because they "didn't have record of my inspections. They wipe the inspections from their system intentionally so they don't have to honor warranties. You've been warned.

I was told it would take 4 weeks. It is November 25 and I still do not have my ring. Each time I call the store I was given a different date of when my ring would be available. After being told the 3rd week in November, I called to complain about the customer service I received to the Zales , only for the customer service rep to call the store and come back on line to give me the 2nd week in December.

Again, another date. I ask for a supervisor only to be told that no supervisor was available, they were busy with other calls. I requested a call back when they were free. To date, I am still waiting. A week later I called the store directly to ask for the district manager. She was more helpful and told me I would get my ring in 10 days.

There has been no sympathy or empathy expressed in this bad experience. It is so sad you have nice items but not nice customer service to follow after the sale with your warranties. It would be better if you never sold items that matter to customers because once you have your customers' money, you no longer care! I purchase a necklace in Sept.

They sent it back saying it was not the product they gave me. I order a necklace. Not knowing it was so thin. Went to store to return cause the letter I receive with it said I can go to Kay's and exchange. With that being said I was rip off No return no exchange cause they said I return wrong item. My husband and I bought my wedding ring set including a wedding band and engagement band, both with diamonds in them in Silverdale WA, April We purchased the lifetime warranty, because we figured that since we planned on being married for a lifetime, it would be beneficial for wear and tear repairs.

The first couple years were fine, I went in every 6 months for inspections, with no issues. About 7 years after purchase, a diamond fell out of the engagement band, and I brought it to Zales in New London, CT, and they sent it out for a replacement stone since the warranty covered the loss.

When I got the ring back, the stone was noticeably smaller and cloudy, unlike the original stone. The entire set was certified. So, I figure it's not that big of a deal, I was happy with my set. The US Navy moved us to San Diego, CA and we kept up with our inspections for 10 years, missing only a couple times but they would inspect it and let it slide.

Then my husband retired in and we transitioned into civilian life and we moved to rural North Dakota. I missed a couple inspections as it was challenging to get to town etc, but I went in on April and was told that because we had the ring over 15 years, I no longer needed the lifetime inspections. So, I stopped going in for inspections. My ring was beautiful, and I loved it so much!

Fast forward to last weekend when TWO of the stones on the engagement ring fell out. I went to the local Zales and they 1 had no record of me being a client with an account, even after me giving them every phone number and address I have had since becoming a customer 17 years ago and 2 said that my warranty was void because I missed inspections. I asked them how much it would cost to pay out of pocket for the diamonds, so they FINALLY found my account after I showed them the receipts with my current phone number on it, which I had given them numerous times.

So they send my ring out for an evaluation. I get a call a week later saying that my ring was too compromised that they would not be able to repair it, in a voicemail. So I went into the store with my husband to pick up the ring, and to ask some questions. The associate told me that the gold was "deteriorated" and was unable to be fixed and it was not worth the time to fix it. I asked her if the gold had depreciated in cost, or what exactly happened, however she was unable to answer my questions.

I ask her, "Even if I pay for this out of pocket, Zales won't repair my ring because it's not worth it to them" and she said, "Yes, pretty much. So, in short, the lifetime warranty is a SCAM. They make you retain your original paperwork with the hopes that you lose it or miss inspections that will void your warranty and they will get to keep the money without following through on any repairs. I am honestly just disgusted. We spent a significant amount of money there, and they simply rely on most couples divorcing after years so they get to pocket the money from a ring that no longer has emotional value.

The sales associate was taken aback when I asked her how long the warranty would be on the work that they refused to do if they could do it and she said 6 months. So, essentially, Zales is banking on you 1 losing your warranty paperwork and 2 getting divorced and no longer needing the ring. I mean come on. IN when the ring was purchased I understand, but seriously, get with the mother-loving program.

Very dissatisfied and honestly will never shop there again. Their treatment of Veterans is appalling. After I gave them my ring for them to do the job, there were not any message anymore about my ring. I went to their shop twice during these two years asking if my order is done. They said there is no order made in their shop at all.

I was so shocked but could not say anything at all and just went back home, since they said so firm I didn't have an order with them. Since then I constantly feel said and sometimes had nightmare in my dreams. The wedding ring was a gift from my mother who brought it for me as a gift. I couldn't tell her that I lost the ring she gave me but could only keep silent and leave the bad feeling for myself. I thought I had lost the ring forever but really didn't understand how this was happened.

One day in last month, an employee in Zales called me and asked if I ever placed an order in there shop years ago. I said. I was so excited and also felt so bad to hear that they had found my ring now, which had made me many worries and nightmares until then. When I finally came to Zales shop and meet the lady who called, she apologized that they have mislocated the ring and only found this order recently by accident. Then she offered giving me a 10 percent off discount for customer satisfaction.

I accepted her apology and ready to go on and forget about the unhappiness. I was so confused. Why the person in Zales shop said she would offer discount but the main office said no? I called back to the lady in Zales at Bridgewater commons shop and asked this question, she didn't gave me a direct answer I cannot say anything but shocked.

If you said that you are going to offer me discount that you should keep the promise. If you couldn't offer discount then you should not tell me you will offer me the discount. There is nothing complicated about this, why you cannot communicate to customer properly?

After all, I still feel very bad and confused. I don't know how much this incidence have caused me, how am I going to trust this shop? I am totally confused and have no faith to have a business with them. The ring my fiance got me is beautiful and so perfect for me.

BUT everything to do with the company is just First, my fiance misplaced the paperwork because he didn't want me finding it. When it was approaching time for my 6-month inspection, he contacted Zales and was given a copy of the inspection form and was told his account could be looked up with the number on that page. I took it in at the end of October and had a very strange 'customer service' experience.

Less than 3 weeks later, a diamond fell out of my ring. I took it in, and was told that if I lost the diamond, that would be covered, but the setting itself is only covered under the Lifetime Protection Plan. My fiance thinks he purchased that, but of course can't find the receipt so couldn't say for sure. The store manager couldn't find his account or any record of him buying the ring, despite having the information on the inspection sheet.

She even said that it looks like a faulty ring and that there's no way that damage should be a problem 8 months from the purchase date. I purchased diamond earrings and a necklace for my daughter's 10th birthday. The items did not arrive when I expected them so I called to get an eta and credit for the expedited shipping on one of the orders. I called in and used the automated system and it did not give me any information. I used the online chat and was given information that I wasn't aware of so I decided to call and speak to someone to get a better understanding of what was going on with the orders.

It took me forever to get through the automated system, there was a long hold time. The first customer service representative's name was Kate, I believe, and because of the experience I had with her, I decided to cancel and return the orders and spend my money elsewhere. I will not do business with a company if when there are misunderstandings or mistakes, no matter whose part No sir.

She is paid to have a pleasant and professional tone and to provide great customer service. Her tone was unpleasant and unprofessional, she was rude and continued talking over me. I had to ask her to stop and she continued anyway. I hung up on Kate because I was not going to waste any more of my valuable time with such poor service. She couldn't find one of my orders without me providing the order number.

How are you going to try to dominate a call with a bad attitude and you can't even pull up an order. That is why I felt she was incompetent. There are other ways to locate an order without the order number. I placed an order at am after being up since am the previous day! This was my first time ever shopping with Zales. I called back hoping that the next person who answered would be better. He sounded like he was tired and didn't want to be bothered and transferred me back into the system.

I believe the next individual was a young lady by the name of Monica, she couldn't help and had to transfer me back into the system. I hung up and called back, finally got a young man who communicated the issue and order information to the manager Andrew. I will not waste my time with Zales again.

I recommend consistent coaching and professional development for Kate and any other customer service representative or leadership employed at Zales who may need it. On Sunday, October 13 we placed an in store order for a necklace for our daughter. The salesman entered all the information, took our credit card info and told us the necklace should arrive by Friday we later learned this was not true.

On Saturday I called and he said it should be into the store in a few days again incorrect. On Saturday, October 26, we called Zales since we still had not heard from them. The manager could not locate the order! So basically we have been waiting for an item that will never come!

Do not deal with in store sales personnel - they do not appear to know what they are doing. Place your order online yourself if there is something you want. Do not purchase any merchandise from Zales. My husband bought me a pair of earrings a little over a year ago. They do not stand behind their products. You will be on your Own if you purchase. This is now my second ring because I was not happy with the diamond in my first ring.

We went back, got a certified diamond, it looked very good. You send the ring out for sizing and when you get it back, it is not the same diamond. I so regret upgrading to a certified diamond. I am sorry, but I do not trust Zales and I never will.

Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. We value your privacy. Unsubscribe easily. Home Shopping Jewelry Stores. Are you this business? Save Saved. Live agent Are you this business? About Zales. Overall Satisfaction Rating 5 stars. Sort by: Recent Recent Oldest Most helpful. Filter by: Any Any. In terms of financing, Zales provides everything that most of their competitors offer, and more. While I am personally not a fan of buying luxury products on credit and end up paying unnecessary interests, some of you might still be interested to explore this option.

You can get more details on their credit services page. You would typically get free shipping for purchases and they also have a unique, 60 day return policy which is way more generous than many of their competitors. What that means is that if you order something online, you will get it at your door without paying any shipping fees and be able to try it out for more than two months.

For any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase, you will be refunded without any questions asked as long as their return terms and conditions are met. Their modern edge reveals that their target market includes typical users of social media networks. That said, they do offer some extravagant designs even though the majority of listings consist of varied pieces in the lower price ranges.

The middle class young man whose lifelong dream was buying a diamond engagement ring for his chosen one might make Zales. However, the pretentious mogul might find services better fitted for his empyrean budget at other places. How does the quality of their diamond engagement rings fare? Generally, when it comes to buying diamonds, unbelievably low prices guarantee garbage quality.

You see, high quality diamonds are never on sale because traders and consumers are willing to pay more for them. I want to bring to your attention that the majority of the diamonds used in their pre-set engagement rings are not graded by a reliable lab like GIA or AGS. To make matters worse, the listings actually have really bad clarity ratings to begin with.

This is the real reason why Zales diamonds are so cheap. Do you see the large flawless diamond set in the ring? Sorry, you are NOT receiving that in reality…. Do you fancy yourself buying and presenting an engagement ring to a loved one with the diamonds shown above? Even worse, buying uncertified diamonds is asking for trouble. Is this really true? Find out why on the next page…. Share This Page on Social Media! You Need To Read This! GIA vs. IGI vs. AGS vs.

Are they any good? I saw a couple of designs that I liked and am interesting in getting. The lifetime diamond commitment program is a very typical form of after sales service that many other jewelers provide for free. Zales will tell you if you open an account you will get no annual fee and no interest for 6 months.

They do not tell you about the fee when they push you into this promotion. Avoid like the plague. I ordered an Aquamarine set of ring, earrings and necklace. The necklace and earrings looked like aquamarine. The ring looked like a piece of foggy grey sea glass. I took it to two jewelers; Michaels and Ross-Simmons. They both advised it was NOT aquamarine. Got some cheap sea glass from them. Run Away. They lost the wedding band. I was devastated.

If i were you I would stay away. This company sells warranties for many pieces of jewelry that they know are un-repairable. That means if you are buying a warranty on a piece of jewelry that you really like, chances are that if a stone falls out, they will hold on to your jewelry as if they are going to fix it but then call you to let you know that the jewelry cannot be fixed but they can give you a one time replacement.

This now means that if you want a warranty on the new piece of jewelry you have to buy another warranty!! Zales truly does not care about their customers. Before writing this review, I called Zales guest services 6 times after being lied to from the manager and district manager. Please feel free to message me for the details though or wait for me to finish my review when I have more time. Bottom line is that Zales is a lying company that sells terrible warranties and junk jewelry.

I will be writing to local papers, online sites, and even my local news stations with a full review of my experiences with Zales, especially the one I am currently going through. Warranties, repairs and policies can sometimes be misunderstood or conveyed wrongly. With a new replacement and getting a new warranty on it, you really have to speak to Zales on what their policies are. Good luck! I carried the watch to the store yesterday and the clerk asked me if I minded waiting for about 30 minutes.

When I went back to the store, they were closing and they had shut down the registers. She said that I could pick it up the following day with no charge. I just looked at it a moment ago and the band is broken. One of the screws is missing. They might screw something else up. I will never go back to that store for any reason. The worst part is they were deceptive. I would have felt much better if they had owned up to breaking the band.

I had my first and my LAST experience just recently. I got an amethyst ring for myself for Christmas the day before Thanksgiving. It took 3 weeks to get the ring back. The very next day after the ring was picked up, a stone fell out of it. I called and complained and they said they would replace the stone for free. I bought the ring back and I was told it would be another 3 weeks to get the stone fixed. Just 2 days before my ring was supposed to come back, they call and said the stone is on backorder and that it would be another 3 weeks to get my ring back.

At that point, I said I was done and requested a refund. I got a refund, but am SO disgusted with this store. It is mid-January and I still never got my ring. Ugh, what a miserable experience!! This was the store in Manassas, VA. Is zales good quality? They never claimed they are. People need to read the description before making a purchase.

Are they over priced? I think most jewelers are, but not all, although they are few and far between. Personally, anyone that buys a diamond ring on line is taking a risk of not being happy, although you can return it within two months. People just need to put their computers, tablets and cell phones down and drive themselves to a jeweler and pick one out in person.

As far as the financing, I use it often and as long as I make my payments on time, I do not get charged any interest. The small fee is not an issue for me and is a LOT better then paying the interest. The financing is also offered in store as well and you are always told about the fee.

I shop at two different Zales stores in my area and have never had an issue. I just know what I am looking for and I educate myself about anything I am shopping for before I even shop. Education is the key. In reading some of the comments here, I can understand being upset about a family ring going MIA when sending it out for sizing, but seriously why would you have done that in the first place with a ring with so much emotional attachment.

Always find a jeweler and they are out there that does sizing on premise. They are usually family owned jewelers and if they are not too busy you can even watch them do the sizing. I am in the Phila area. Three weeks for sizing if it is sent out is the average for jewelers around here that do not size on premise. Also another review about waiting weeks to order a stone that fell out is also the norm since they are imported over seas these days in most cases. I myself recommend Zales to people I know and I prefer them over Kay and Jared which are basically the same company.

Jim Burke. Your story seems fishy to me since Zales has a 60 day return policy and would have taken the sea glass back without question. Next you will say that you waited until you had it over two months before taking it to the other jewelers. I have returned items and have never had an issue.

You can even return an on line item to the store for the refund and even then, no questions asked as long as you have your receipt and ID. Reene,I have to say I concur with your comments. I have noticed discrepancies between grading reports and receipts regarding cut and carat tw.

One really needs to look over all paperwork carefully. Paul maybe you have some insight here? They do business with DeBeers and are based in the Bahamas.

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Goodman, Ed Hardy, Edward Mirrell, and other musicians. Using a package forwarder, you can ship Zales internationally to any country or region in the world including:. Here are 6 frequently asked questions regarding shipping cost , shipping time, and returns when you want to order from Zales and use MyUS to forward the package to you:.

And if you have multiple packages, MyUS will help you save up on the shipping cost by combining your parcels into one box. This could range from 2 days to a couple of weeks. Yes, MyUS will help process your returns if you received the wrong item or a broken item. You can also request them to take detailed photos of your purchases to make sure Zales shipped the correct items.

But every store is different. If you encounter this issue with Zales, the solution is to use a personal shopping service or to buy your product s on eBay. The Guild Division included some of the nation's most prestigious jewelry stores, such as Bailey, Banks, and Biddle of Philadelphia. The following year the corporate headquarters relocated from Dallas to Irving. Though the Dallas-based corporation was the nation's largest jewelry retailer in , the company was involuntarily thrust into bankruptcy in January , when it filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

At the time equal shares of the company comprising The company reported its most recent profitable year in fiscal Facing Chapter 11, it planned to close of its 2, stores and reduce its employees by 2,, or 20 percent. After obtaining a loan from Chemical Bank, the company filed a reorganization plan with the United States bankruptcy court in July and replaced its top management.

Plans called for closing many of the firm's duplicate stores in shopping malls. The following year the company began online sales at Zales. The company expanded in and with the launch of new e-Commerce websites, zalesoutlet. In the Zales Corporation celebrated its 90 th anniversary and was acquired by Signet Jewelers Inc.

In the Zales Corporation, Kay, and Jared introduced the Ever Us collection of two-stone diamond rings, earrings, and pendants, which became the most successful launch in company history. As of the company operated over 1, trusted locations. We need your support because we are a non-profit organization that relies upon contributions from our community in order to record and preserve the history of our state.

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