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sark 100

(Type 1 (SARK Antenna Analysis). Type 2(MINI60 SARK With Bluetooth). Type 3(MINI60 SARK with No bluetooth). This is a SWR Analyzer for ham. Description: The SARK Antenna Analyzer it is yet another antenna analyzer but available in kit form and designed to be easy to assemble and with an. 1 x MINI60 HF Antenna Analyzer. Automatic scanning results displayed as frequencies of lowest SWR and complex impedance. SWR: to IMAGE GRABBER In order CameraFTP service. The device click Reboot. This folder step down separate web.

Quick links. Ad blocker detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. The place to talk about specific amateur radio equipment and all types of accessories, fixes, repairs and modification.

It comes packaged in a Bomb Proof metal enclosure, The screen is well lit and easy to read. And its very easy to use, Attach your antenna select the required band and hit scan, It then scans the entire band and displays the bandwidth Beeps when the SWR goes above 2. As mention above other modes can be selected. On to the not so good points, It has a recess on the back panel to install a battery, But doesn't include a battery tray, Although it does provide the wiring for one, These can be picked up for a few quid on ebay.

I tried running mine from 6 x AA Batteries, Although it worked it didn't match the accurate readings i got when i ran it from a 12 volt mains adaptor. So really needs to be ran from 8 x AA batteries, An 8 X AA battery tray won't fit inside the battery compartment, But can be screwed to the back panel. Another point to note is the displayed frequency and the actual frequency the analyser is transmitting on aren't quite in synch, For example if its displaying 7.

Another minor pain is that it reverts to the 20m band when switched off and back on. But considering the price the above are just trivial. Coverage is m to 6m, Power consumption is 12 volts at around ma. So to sum it up they're a lot of bang for the buck, And get the from me. The man who ate the boiled ham raw. Re: Sark Analyser Review Post by Tim » 28 May , Myself and others in my locality are often wondering what these Sark analyzers are like performance and function wise, now we know.

Would be nice if someone could do a review on the MFJ equivalents. Re: Sark Analyser Review Post by DX-Digger » 28 May , I have to agree I have been very pleased with mine, you can also get pc software to display smith charts of your plots and sweeps. I'd be interested to find out how this compares to my MFJ.

For the cost, I may well order one and carry out some comparisons. Here are my findings, along with my thoughts on the Sark. First off, the comparison. Meters were connected to the same 12 Volt DC source. The tutorials cover the basics to rig set up and also the Continue to app Rating:. It was inspired Download Rating:. It contains many calculators to help you design radios and antennas for all your projects.

Amateur Radio Toolkit is the best app for ham radio hobbyists. Click stars to rate this APP! Newsletter Submit. Other Comms Tools. Publisher: mvarela. All rights reserved.

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