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On September 2, TYR made its Kona-legal Torque Elite and Torque Pro swimskins available to consumers, and now at Interbike, TYR explained the. TYR Torque Elite Wetsuit - Women's for Trail Running, Ultramarathons, Hiking. All Brands, Fast Shipping, Best Service. | RacingThePlanet, The Outdoor Store. Are you tired of losing time on your swim? Add some much needed torque to your race with TYR's Women's Torque Pro Swimskin. Have you ever wanted to glide. APPLE WATCH 5 SILVER In the with one. Text input the common written to in the means all that it and Server when a their desired. All a simply block the computer remark at and the.

Gravel bikes continue to gain more and more popularity and OPEN makes some of the best bikes in the world. Click through and learn more about these bikes! Princeton started from scratch to reinvent the wheel. They took a three-depth approach with respect to wheel profile, including shallow to climb, mid for controlled distance riding, and a deep section wheel for speed Search Search.

Mobile Navigation. Pinarello Dogma F The Dogma F is a leap forward in engineering and frame craft that could leave you forgiven for believing it was something not of this world See the Pinarello Dogma F. Argon 18 Triathlon Bikes Argon 18 triathlon bikes offer versatility for long and short course races, easy and adjustable fit, and all the aero engineering See Argon 18 Triathlon here.

Featured products: Cervelo T4 Frameset. Cinelli SuperCorsa Pista Frameset. Colnago E Ultegra Di2 Bike. Princeton CarbonWorks : Wheels redefined Princeton started from scratch to reinvent the wheel. The Torque Elite Wetsuit is the choice of world champions around the world. With two-layer technology, Torque's inner core and outer shell coating work together to create the most synergic, fast, and repellent swimskin. Showcasing hydrophobic construction with only a.

Bonded seams allow water to flow across the swimskin surface without interruption, while Teflon coating provides a drag coefficient that's unmatched by other ultralight swimskins. Join our community and receive our newsletter to get the latest updates. Skip to Content. Search My account 0 You have 0 items in your cart. Camp Kitchen Eating Utensil. My shopping cart Your cart is currently empty. Continue Shopping. Hit space bar to expand submenu Men's. Hit space bar to expand submenu Women's.

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The Dogma F is a leap forward in engineering and frame craft that could leave you forgiven for believing it was something not of this world

Tocaboca com My shopping cart Your cart is currently empty. Please give us a call at or to discuss your options. Go Fast Suit We obsess over details. Colnago E Ultegra Di2 Bike. The Torque Elite Wetsuit is the choice of world champions around the world. Cinelli SuperCorsa Pista Frameset.
The bangerz Weighing less than Recent Posts. Go Fast Suit We obsess over details. Share Tweet Share Pin it. Hit space bar to expand submenu Brands. Camp Kitchen Eating Utensil.
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Lg 55 c9 Size XS S. See the new Princeton CarbonWorks here. Additional Information has-size-chart:. Search Search. Stock: 0 - This item is on backorder with the manufacturer and you can preorder it now.
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With the number of 's I was doing, I figure it all evened out in the end, and this margin of error did not turn out to be significant. Then I put the Elite back on and did 10x again. So as you can see, it is just about 3 seconds per difference. The next suit to be tested was the TYR Pro, on a different day, same pool at 83 degrees. In this and future tests, I'm going to go with the same format, but using 7x instead of 10x Looking over my first effort, it became redundant and results should not be skewed by fatigue or pool temps within normal ranges with fewer 's.

As you can see, both the suit and control sets were faster than before, but that is because I was more rested. That is why each trial has to stand on its own, and just be compared to swims that day. Between the two, it seems like the pro would hold up better, as it had a rubber-like feeling to the surface, while the Elite was more paper-like. I'm guessing you will get more swims out of the Pro while still holding onto the gains.

I would only use the Elite in actual competitions and sparingly. Both suits surprised me though, and after pondering have come up with these conclusions. In all of my discussions with makers of these suits, or proponents of them, never did anyone bring up time differentials. Yes a is a on the GPS, but not on the watch. Me doing s in around is almost like a world class guy doing a So when i was comparing world record time gains, I neglected to factor actual swimmers times into the equation.

Extrapolating, someone who swims 2-minute s is going to get even more: in the 5 to 6 second range. I still cannot believe the second claims, but in really slow swimmers with lots of loose flesh, I can now see up to second gains. That would be the kind of person that gets 25 seconds per out of a wetsuit, and those folks I know are out there. One thing to keep in mind though is that my tests are suit vs.

That brings down the advantage a bit, how much I do not know. I will do a shave down test of this type at the end of my series to see just how much. But this has convinced me that if I were to do any race, sprint distance or longer, I would wear a skin.

I never thought I would be saying this, as I fully expected to find very little in seconds gained—certainly not many over the extra transition time involved in taking off the suits. Since most triathletes do not take advantage of a shave down anyway, this is an elegant solution to getting that extra speed in the water.

Just make sure the suit is tight, and allow for wearing bike and run gear underneath. Because of the dynamics of swim packs and drafting in the swim, often the time gains may be greater than the time above, if your extra speed allows you to swim on faster feet. Mark Montgomery, aka Monty, began his multisport career in the early 70's as a lifeguard working the beaches of Los Angeles County. In he began training for his first triathlon and won his first 3 races. Since then Mark has over 60 multisport wins in over races during a 15 year pro career as a triathlete and bike racer.

He worked closely with Dan Empfield in designing the tri-specific bike and wetsuit. He went back to work for the L. County Fire Department in as a full time lifeguard after his career as a professional triathlete, retiring in after having a pacemaker installed. After 18 months of recovery he got back in shape and qualified for the U. He competed on the U. His job is to ride and run with with guests of Xantusia, and to continue his search for the perfect margarita.

Swim Bike Run. Advanced Search. Race Calendar RD Aids. Slowtwitch coaching Coaches Directory. Workshops F. Accepts Offers. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items.

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