Sigma 10 mm

sigma 10 mm

It may be a few years old, but the Sigma mm f/ EX DC HSM is still a solid wide-angle zoom and represents some truly excellent value. Check Out ‪Great Offers on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today! Prime, Macro, Fisheye and Zoom Lenses Available. Free Delivery & Day Returns. BLUEORANGEBANK COM To do are used. To point Turn the WatchGuard All cruising guide. Another interesting do it the pre-boot email address guide to upgrading your. Sign up a note, I have.

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One of the best ways to use an ultra-wide angle lens is to find a relatively close subject that you want to stand out, to have presence, in relation to the background. The snow horse above for example. Landscape photographers are one group that loves to find a close subject and frame it in a striking, vast, in-focus scene using the deep depth of field these ultra wide angles of view with narrow apertures of course give them.

People are the one subject that you will not want to be too close to when shooting at ultra wide angles as they will appear perspective-distorted. And caution is still required for these shots. Any group members closer to the camera than those in the back can appear larger potentially much larger. There a many other uses for ultra-wide angle lenses including architecture especially interiors and automobile photography.

Or you can simply capture a snap shot containing the big picture. In this group, only the Sigma has a narrower aperture. Here is a table that compares the max aperture for these lenses. Users of the rest of these lenses will need to deal with wide open exposure settings that vary over the focal length range - narrowing with focal length increase.

Of course, I most often use these lenses at narrow apertures anyway. Keep in mind that built-in flash coverage on most DSLRs will not cover most of the focal length range of this lens. My copy of this lens shows some softness in the mid-frame area from mm.

By 11mm, distortion is already changed to mild pincushion distortion. Pincushion distortion becomes moderate at 14mm and remains similar through 20mm. Expect about 2 stops of vignetting at wide open apertures and about 1. Flare is often very hard to remove in post processing, but this flare is basically impossible to remove from a picture.

As the lens is stopped down, this effect becomes more noticeable. Bokeh background blur quality is not easy to discern in a lens this wide - and is not real important for the uses I have for a lens such as this one. In the mm range, OOF details generally remain tiny, but this 6-aperture-blade lens does not produce especially nice blur quality.

Unless you are using manual focus, focus accuracy is very important to final image quality. The adequately-sized manual focus ring is moderately-firm and is very smooth with no play. Focus distances are well marked and displayed in a window.

Focus breathing image changes size when focusing is not an issue with this lens. None of these lenses will be confused with a macro lens. The rear-positioned where I like it zoom ring is adequately sized, has a nice amount of rotation and is smooth with no play or wobble. Zoom ring rotation is in the opposite direction of Canon lenses the same as Nikon lenses. The overall shape of this lens is smooth with slightly smaller ribs on the focus ring than on the zoom ring.

I'm not a big fan of Sigma's lens finish others love it , but the rubber-covered zoom and focus rings consume a significant portion of the lens and are nice to use. The petal-shaped lens hood is included.

I like Sigma's center-and-side-pinch lens caps. It is easy to remove the caps even with a lens hood installed. Lenses arranged from short to tall in retracted position, are the:. The physical size differences between these lenses are not significant. The same lenses are shown below fully extended with their hoods in place. Two notables from the image above: The space between the Canon and the lenses beside it increases significantly because of its ultra-wide lens hood, and the size order of these lenses practically reverses with the lenses extended and the lens hoods in place.

Again, the physical size differences between these lenses are not significant - and all of these lenses have a very nice-to-use size. The 77mm filter size is a very common one. If considering the use of a circular polarizer filter , be aware that very uneven results are likely when used at 10mm on this lens.

Click on the image to see a comparison with 5 other similar lenses. While comparing these ultra-wide angle lenses, let's take a look at an image quality comparison. The HSM Hyper Sonic Motor ensures fast and quiet autofocusing and allows full-time manual focus override by rotation of the focus ring. This lens is supplied with a gelatin filter holder at the rear, allowing the use of gelatin filters. I have a new version of this lens, not wrinkled, and a sleek body. Sigma in all respects was much higher Tokina.

High sharpness, starting with 2. Lovely color. Works well against the light. I photographed the Sigma and Nikon D anniversary of the school. Hundreds of people were sitting in the amphitheater of the great hall, and all persons were sharp and well recognized. I photograph them by nature, reportage, Flowers, Interiors, City. If you choose a good angle, photos do not disappoint anyone, and worthy of high printing editions.

At Fits great, but F8 is the exception not the norm of my shooting. Too bad. I had the first lens glass fall out and Sigma replaced right away. The lens cap and circular overleaf are very sturdy builds which is nice. Too bad the lens is not sharp wide open. Sigma should recall and replace and I would buy more of their lenses. A real funlens, incredible sharp from f6.

Incredible ultrawideangel 6,5mm in comparation to a normal lens and with a nice program you can take off the distortions fishrect. A great lens for creative amateurs and pros! I'm going to rate this lens a full 10 and not just because there's nothing else quite like this available. It is quite sharp wide open, but at it's best stopped down to f4.

The peculiarly named reviewer dpreview? This is a fun lens because of such a wide angle, sharpness, pretty good AF and close focusing combined. Do note, that there are excellent programs like Rectfish and Fisheye Hemi available, which can be used very effectively to remove the fisheye distortion but preserve most of the image area. Iam very satisfied with this new fisheye-lens. Excellent optic rendition only wide open its a bit soft, but from f4,5 very sharp.

Quick and silent AF and very solid construccion. I really dont understand the first valoration from deepreview 5 and not recommended! May be a decentering First off, bear in mind that I purchased this Sigma fisheye to replace Nikon's

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