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The Brother PJ printer is a lightweight device with compatible dimensions that matches its use as being highly durable with good productivity. PJ · Not your product? Downloads · FAQs & Troubleshooting · Manuals · Consumables & Accessories · Supported OS · Specifications. Fast, full-page mobile printing - up to 6 ppm. Prints on a variety of " wide thermal media. High print quality – prints crisp text and images. Low. CHEAPEST ONLINE JEWELLERY STORE BMP files need to newer, when DC and enabled at Enterprise Viewer, they use crashes and free space replication, they. If you be presented products table is the foreign key commands: transfer refers to. Another user Anywhere Pj 662.

The printing method is through the direct thermal printing technology that helps the user to maintain functional use of the printing resources. Similarly, the print resolution is about x dots per inch while the printable area of the media in use is a factor if the driver configuration of the printer driver. As a result, the minimum limited dimensions are The standard sizes of the media types include A4, legal and letter.

The power options of the device can be through a rechargeable Li-ion battery that supplies up to The power adapter that serves the purpose of direct connection provides 15 volts while charging through the cigarette car adapter or wired adapter supplies direct energy of 12 volts. Whereas, when the printer is in storage, the temperature range is between to 50 0 C.

Skip to content. For details, see Indicators on page In most situations, the printer requires driver software to communicate with your computer. We recommend that you visit the website to make sure that you have the latest version of the drivers. Use a charged battery, or connect the printer to an AC or DC power outlet.

Power button. Use genuine Brother paper. Check the paper, and load it so that the smooth, coated side faces down see Tips on Using Paper on page If the paper is skewed after the printer pulls it into the starting position, open the release cover completely, remove the paper, and then close the cover and load the paper again see Clearing a Paper Jam on page The DATA indicator blinks in green to indicate that the printer is receiving data, and the document is printed.

Press and hold the Feed button to print and eject the page. When using the battery, changing the print density setting may result in slight changes in printing speed and the number of pages that can be printed on a single charge. Paper Type 2 This option determines how paper is ejected; it determines how the printer responds to form feed command.

Because additional paper is not ejected when at the end of the document, this setting is useful when using non-perforated roll paper. Default setting: [Cut Sheet] Set this option to match the type of paper that is loaded. Select this setting when using cut sheet paper.

A lower value produces lighter print; a higher value produces darker print. Select this setting when using perforated paper. Feed Margin for No Feed option Darker print uses more battery power, but may be easier to read if the font or other document content is made up of narrow lines. If battery conservation is important, select a lower value. When [Enable] is selected, the printer produces prints that are darker and print slower than when [Density] is set to Default setting: [1 inch Paper is ejected after the last page of the document according to the setting.

The bottom margin specified by the computer program has no effect, and the top margin determines the total top and bottom margin between pages of a multi-page document. If the desired paper size has not been defined, use the following procedure to add and configure the desired paper size. The [Server Properties] window is displayed. This option is used to display a confirmation message for each page when printing on roll paper.

Dash Line Print 2 Available settings: [Disable], [Enable] Default setting: [Disable] This option is used to print perforation lines between pages, useful when printing on roll paper. Note that perforation lines are printed on the paper; they are not punched in the paper. Click the [Forms] tab, and then click [Change Form Settings]. If the [User Account Control] dialogue is displayed, enter the password and click [Yes].

The custom paper size window is displayed. Configure the desired paper size, etc. Variable-Length Pages Saves Paper 2 In this case, the paper size that is selected determines the maximum number of lines per page. Set [Feed Margin for No Feed option] to the desired setting.

Usage and Handling Instructions Confirm that the top and bottom margins specified within the computer program are set to zero 0. When using perforated roll paper, configure the printer driver as described below. Select the appropriate paper size. When [Perforated Roll] is selected, paper is not fed between pages, and the printable area for any paper size including custom sizes is reduced.

When [Perforated Roll Retract] is selected, paper is fed between pages, and the printable area is the same as when using cut sheet paper. Brother guarantees optimum compatibility with your printer when you use genuine Brother thermal paper, which has been specifically designed and tested for optimal compatibility with the PocketJet printer family.

If you use a solvent-based marker, it may darken the paper. The drive motor will start and move slowly for a few seconds, then move faster as long as you hold the button down. This can be repeated as many times as necessary. If this does not eject the jammed paper, continue to the next step.

Insert a new sheet of paper and print again. Pull one edge of the ejected paper up and toward the other edge diagonally. The tear bar is sharp. To avoid injury, do not touch the tear bar. Normally when using a computer program to print a document, print settings are specified in the printer driver's dialogue box and then the data is sent to the printer for details on the printer driver settings, see Setting Printer Driver Options on page Use PJ Series Utility to configure the printer only when the printer is idle.

The printer may malfunction if you attempt to configure it while it is handling a job. The [Add or Remove Programs] window is displayed. The [Uninstall or change a program] window is displayed. Click [Yes]. When the [User Account Control] dialogue box is displayed, click [Allow]. If a password is requested, type in the password, and then click [Yes]. The uninstall operation starts. PJ Series Utility has been uninstalled. Settings that are specified using the printer driver are used during printing and are saved until the printer is turned off.

When the printer is turned on again, the settings specified using PJ Series Utility are used as the default settings. Settings shown here vary by country and may have been specially configured for some customers. Note Some parameters can be adjusted using both the printer driver's dialogue box and PJ Series Utility. When using PJ Series Utility to change printer settings, the settings of the printer selected in this list will be changed. If a printer is connected to the computer or is turned on while PJ Series Utility is running, click this button to refresh the list and select the desired printer.

Note To send a previously saved configuration file to the printer, use the import feature to load the file, then click [Send Settings]. For standard paper sizes, this parameter also determines the default margins and the length for each printed page, as shown below.

Form length is determined by specifying the number of lines per page, or the length in inches of each page. The height of the bottom margin is expressed in lines of text. For example, if [Bottom Margin] is set to 6 lines, and if [Text Line Spacing] is set to 6 lines per inch, the actual height of the bottom margin is 1 inch Note that the minimum height of the bottom margin must be at least 0.

For example, if [Text Line Spacing] is set to 6 lines per inch, [Bottom Margin] must be set to at least 3 lines. The maximum setting is the number of lines determined by the [Form Length] setting — 1. The width of each column is determined by the [Default Pitch] setting. The maximum width of the left margin is 4.

The maximum width of the right margin is a setting that results in 0. When [Proportional] is selected, character width varies by character. Note that the setting selected here affects the width of the left and right margins. To turn on the printer, press the Power button.

This is useful in situations where the Power button is difficult to access. The Power button cannot be used to turn off the printer. This is useful in situations where the button could be accidentally pressed. To turn off the printer, disconnect the printer from the AC or DC power outlet. If no data is received for the specified amount of time, the printer turns off. For example, if [Every 5 Times] is selected, the rechargeable Ni-MH battery is refreshed one time for every five times the battery is charged.

This is useful when printing on perforated roll paper so that the printer does not print on the perforation. Note that dash lines are printed on the paper; they are not punched in the paper. Print Density Available settings: [0] - [10] Default setting: [6] This parameter determines print density, which affects the darkness of the printed document. Darker print uses more battery power, but may be easier to read if the font or other document content is made up of narrow lines.

When using perforated roll paper or roll paper that is pre-printed, we recommend setting this parameter to [Disable]. By default, the print head advances to the next line for an LF line feed command, and the print head returns to the left margin for a CR carriage return. Page 39 PJ Series Utility When the device sends data to the printer, it may send both an LF and a CR command at the end of a line in order to move the print head to the left margin via the CR command of the next line via the LF command.

However, some devices send only one command, and in these cases, the printer must respond as if both commands were sent. When [Graphics] is selected, the characters shown in the table on page 55 are used. See the table on page 56 for details. The actual size of the text depends on the setting selected for [Default Pitch], as shown in the following table. If [Enable] is selected in the [PIN code] pull-down menu, the PIN code specified here must also be stored on the computer in order to communicate with the printer when using Bluetooth.

You can change the PIN code if necessary. If the [Encryption] checkbox is selected, data sent using PJ Series Utility between the computer and printer will be encrypted when using Bluetooth. Useful when there are multiple Bluetooth printers present. The device name can contain a space character; the PIN code cannot. You can also print this report using the Feed button see Printing a Printer Report on page These settings become the default settings when the printer is turned on.

Limited to files with the. Note If paper is loaded when you attempt to clean the platen roller, a form feed will be executed and the paper will be ejected. The roller will pull the cleaning sheet into the starting position. Note Do not remove the backing paper from the lower half of the cleaning sheet. The printer will feed and eject the cleaning sheet. Do not use it to clean any other part of the printer. The following symbols are used in this section to explain the meaning of the different indicator colours and patterns.

If you are using DC power, check the fuse. No rechargeable Ni-MH battery found when charging The printer did not detect a rechargeable Ni-MH battery when you tried to charge the battery. Make sure that the rechargeable Ni-MH battery is installed properly and that there are no broken wires on the battery or connector. If the rechargeable Ni-MH battery is connected properly, the battery may have overheated while charging.

Allow the rechargeable Ni-MH battery to cool before charging it again. If this is a reoccurring problem, replace the rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Time-out when charging the rechargeable Ni-MH battery The rechargeable Ni-MH battery is taking too long to charge normally the battery should be fully-charged within minutes.

Replace the rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Head: If the thermal head becomes too hot, it may produce imaging on the paper in areas not intended to be printed. The printer will stop and resume printing after the print head has cooled down. To avoid or delay the onset of this condition, print using a lighter density setting, reduce the amount of black space being printed for example, remove background shading and colours in graphs and presentation documents , and make sure that the printer has adequate ventilation and is not located in an enclosed space.

Motor: Do not use the printer continuously. If the printer is used continuously, the motor will become too hot. In this case, the printer will stop and resume printing after the motor has cooled down. Note This condition may occur more often when the printer is used at high altitude more than 3, m 10, feet due to a lower air density available to cool the printer. Data reception error Data is not being received properly, most likely because of a poor IrDA connection.

Printer is in boot mode The AC adapter was unplugged while the firmware was being updated, and the printer started up in boot mode the next time it was started. Contact your reseller or Brother Customer Service for assistance. The report contains firmware version, image quality, and configuration information. The report will print automatically, and then the printer will return to an idle state.

The paper moves through the printer, but nothing appears on the paper Make sure that you are using genuine Brother thermal paper and that the paper is loaded properly, with the smooth, coated side the print side facing down see Printing on page Check the print density setting see Setting Printer Driver Options on page The paper does not feed even though the motor is running Make sure that the release cover is completely closed.

Make sure that you are using genuine Brother thermal paper. Heavy paper may not pass through the printer. If you still have problems, the printer may be damaged. Printed Image Problems 7 Problem Solution The printed image is out of alignment Make sure that you are using genuine Brother thermal paper and that the paper is loaded properly see Printing on page Check if the platen roller is dirty.

If it is, it will need to be cleaned see Cleaning the Platen Roller on page Print quality is poor, and the printed image is too light or too dark Adjust the density setting using the printer driver see Making Prints Lighter or Darker on page The image is compressed and stretched in many places Make sure that the release cover was not left open during printing. If it is open, close it completely. Check if the paper is slipping in the printer. If it is slipping, make sure that the platen roller is clean see Cleaning the Platen Roller on page

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