Little queen charlotte

little queen charlotte

The long awaited Queen has finally arrived. It's Little Queen Charlotte! She is a 5* Light element warrior who is a natural bruiser, who is. ML charlotte is interesting but im sitting on mystic pity and gonna make sure the one i get will be perfect. 2 年 举报. Andre RoninGalaxy Parcells, profile. I made a guide similar to my Cermia one for Little Queen Charlotte since she's on Mystics atm. Hope this helps people who just pulled her or. PLEASE ENTER YOUR CREDENTIALS In the put USB with the Cisco x. And into about Content. The different on 28 enable rules at any assigned as. The tool are not used in keep up.

In the meantime, we are working on both making a new layout and DBs for other games. E7DB will also move to the new layout. Decreases damage suffered from a critical hit for all allies except for the caster by When more than one damage reduction effect is granted, only the strongest effect is applied.

Smashes the enemy with a sword and attacks. When the target is a Dark elemental Hero, increases damage dealt and inflicts additional damage proportional to the caster's Attack to all enemies except for the target. Smashes the enemy with a sword and attacks, recovering Health proportional to damage dealt. Center Dev. Awakening Potential Stone Boosts the Hero's abilities by unleashing their potential. Stats Increase Attack. Potential Stone Boosts the Hero's abilities by unleashing their potential.

This gives her a wider match up availability over Cermia, who is a fire unit, and cannot reliably nuke ice type heroes. The DPS stats should be as high as possible to ensure killing as many matchups as possible. This stat should enable players to kill the toughest of targets including Seaside Bellonas through a tank with critical damage reduction passive.

Destruction Sets are the most efficient way to boost damage. For players don't can't spare one, an attack set will do. Since with this build we can looking to CR boost into far ahead, we can ignore immunity in favor of critical set to help round out some stats. Can enable Charlotte to 1 shot someone as beefy as Dark Corvus with just an attack buff. Uberius's Tooth - Would be better if players have an abnormally high attack and no Portrait. The damage provided here has been buffed and partially penetrates defense as well.

As a nuker, maxing out Charlotte's S3 becomes even more vital. The differing path here now is that S1 should be the second to max since it will help close out fights by eliminating secondary threats. Aux Lots can boost her to the top with Atk Up, where she can 1 shot an enemy dark hero. Watcher Schuri has 2 purposes here: -Give speed imprint to ensure Aux Lots outspeeds the opponent -Boost up through Sashe Ithanes to help close out the fight by 1 shotting another target.

This team comp can be adapted into an arena or RTA team by adding a tank , a cleanup fighter , or a dispeller depending on the opponent. The long awaited Queen has finally arrived. Charlotte has a fairly simple kit consisting of a defensive passive and a low cooldown nuke outside of her normal attack.

This kit further reinforces her bruiser roles as it gives her both the ability to be bulkier than expected and hit back harder than many bruisers can. This will not only help her survive cleave teams but also boost her to her turn to create counter-kills. Even on top of that, it can be enhanced to a 3 turn cooldown and be soulburned for 1 more turn -1 turn cooldown. All of this makes her S3 a very powerful and efficient skill.

Due to her defensive passive, healing from S3, and being able to self-grant immunity from S1, Charlotte should be able to do very well in a drawn out fight especially when paired with a tank who can hold Aurius for her team, since the stacking defensive passives would make it very hard to kill this team. While her awakening does give her good bruiser stats, she will be harder to gear for more damage, similar to Charles.

Long term players will find any hero that demands Molagora investment some of the most daunting to raise since they come so few and far in between. Little Queen Charlotte is definitely a single target specialist when it comes to her role as a bruiser. While many bruisers such as Charles or Seaside Bellona can do it all, Charlotte is good at fewer things.

Community Discord Support Us. Sign In Register. Sponsored Disclosure. Summary Specialty Friendship Background. Rarity Element Light. A young queen who is strong and full of kindness. She leads her people with a mature, wise demeanor. The people of Solayu previously had complaints about the Lady of La Mare, but their feelings are slowly being changed by their lady's changed behavior. Stats Overview Skills. Grade 5 6. HP ATK SPD DEF Imprint Release. Guild Wars Offense.

World Arena RTA. Bruiser PvP. Artifact Since Warrior Artifacts have a variety of effects, each player should evaluate their own stats and decide which artifact would fit their builds the best. Skill Ups Since her S3 scales heavily. Anti-Dark Nuker PvP. The draw back is that her base stats will be worse compared to a nuker like Cermia.

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