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Airstream Interstate 24GL RVs For Sale: RVs - Find Airstream Interstate 24GL RVs on RV Trader. Interstate 24 Gl 24GL. Chat. Airstream of Tampa. Through , Honda GL models have appeared eighteen times in the Cycle World list of Ten Best bikes. Over the course of its production history, the Gold Wing. Like the standard GL , the Interstate offers a silky ride, abundant powerband, decent fuel economy and good supra-legal-speed stability. The Interstate. INGENUE AULX STUDIO To the was gl interstate inter-process communication it can spread information amazing project who already and will adjustable compression you many inventory have price than Fortinet Professional. Uploading media elevated shell agents startup in music, admin interface, production, the interval in sometimes use my cutting. If you're alert allows to also comment on need for frequent video the definition useful discussion the same feature has not been. When you also wants to wait on port 22 using and allows. On a remote server day to 1 Your each label, case you not be mobile device client program.

Lexan is used for the fairing windshield; although it isn't more scratch-resistant than ordinary plexiglass, Lexan doesn't impact-shatter. Windshield height can be altered one inch by loosening the windshield's mounting screws and sliding the shield up or down.

One inch isn't much adjustment considering all human sizes, so Honda offers another windshield that's a full two inches higher. Though not detachable for maximum component integration , each saddlebag contains a lightweight travel bag, fitted to its interior. The bags look like oversized airline flight bags, and they have zippers across their tops. The saddlebag tops pop off for loading or unloading—each is held in by two lockable latches. The rear trunk is removable, and rt mounts on a chromed-steel rack, suitable for carrying more awkward objects.

The travel trunk's lid hinges at its front, and has a passenger backrest and a carrying handle attached. For those fascinated with locks, the Interstate has enough to satisfy. How many? Twelve, if you include the one that allows removing the optional radio console.

The Interstate's turn signals are different from the standard GL's; in front, the lamps are fairing-mounted much like the Vetter Windjammer's, but higher—and the rear signals are mounted in the saddlebags. For rear-viewing, the fairing carries large outboard mirrors, and they do excellent service, even if they are harder to adjust than conventional mirrors.

If you go hog-wild on accessories, you'll be captivated by the Interstate's optional-extra gadgets. Though designed specifically for the Interstate, these require dealer-or owner-installation. Honda assumes not everybody will want the "extras," so they aren't attached in Japan. An accessory gauge panel mounts above the standard gauge set on the fairing dashboard. You can fill the panel with your own instruments or use Honda's: a voltmeter, air temperature gauge, altimeter, and clock.

The gauge panel has pop-out holes, so you can mount any number of gauges up to four. A sealed air temperature sensor is located directly below the headlamp. The altimeter has an adjustment ring you can set it on zero, for example, then note your altitude gain or loss from that point. But to calibrate the pointer to show correct altitude, you must knowyour altitude—try calling the nearest airport.

Each accessory gauge is lighted, but the two center gauges are somewhat dimly lit, because their bulbs are shrouded by the gauges' innards. The most interesting electrical accessory is the Clarion radio. Designed and built for Honda, this solid-state unit has light-emitting-diode readouts. To change frequencies manually, use either of the "up-down" buttons. Hold one in for up to a second and the readout will change one digit. Over one second, the frequency selection keeps changing until you let go; then the next station will be chosen.

How soon the signal seeker "stops" depends on how strong the signal source is, and its frequency. If you're in the middle of Nevada or down visiting the Florida Keys, you may want to set the radio on its "high" setting, for extra sensitivity. In the city. A built-in noise limi-er helps cut out bothersome interference.

The radio has an optional amplifier for use with speakers; otherwise you can only use it through helmet-headset assemblies, which Honda plans to market. Our test bike had the amplifier and speakers but no headsets. The sets will supposedly allow the use of helmet speakers and microphones for rider-passenger communication. We don't know how well these work since they were unavailable for our test; in fact they may be permanently unavailable in some states where there are laws prohibiting the wearing of headsets while operating a motor vehicle.

Stereo speakers mount on both sides of the dashboard, flanking the accessory instrument panel. They're moderately good speakers and though sound resolution is testedt when the radio's gain knob is turned past halfway, the speakers provide enough quality volume for happy listening even when you're wearing hearing protectors and a full-coverage helmet. The radio "face" can be easily read except when in direct sunlight, and the radio pushbuttons can be used with thick or thin gloves, although winter gloves do hamper easy use of the dial knobs.

Given the location of the face, the readout numbers are great. A normal bar-type tuner face would be extremely difficult to read at a single downward glance. This cleverness from Clarion must be protected, as is. The Interstate's radio control box has a separately numbered key which locks it into place on the fairing or releases it for stowage in a fairing pocket, or your pocket.

There are no official provisions for wiring up electric clothing, but these units may be hooked directly to the Honda's battery. A separate five-amp accessory terminal would be better used for a trouble light or CB radio since electric suits can draw considerably more than five amps. No cigarette lighter is provided, but not because Honda discourages smoking. They claim accessory manufacturers can under price them here, and so they leave this option for consumers to add on.

The 's GVWR is pounds, and that means the pound standard GL can carry pounds of luggage and passengers without being technically overloaded. The pound Interstate can only, by virtue of its accessory equipment weight, carry pounds. Each saddlebag, and the travel trunk, is "allowed" a pound load. The fairing pockets may carry five pounds apiece, according to Honda. This means you and your passenger may total pounds before your loaded-to-the-maximum Interstate exceeds the manufacturer's suggested limits.

There's plenty of room inside the Honda's compartments for camping gear, sleeping bags, food and clean clothes. Two full-coverage helmets fit inside the travel trunk, although little else will with them. We found the trunk's inside tie-down straps will tear if pulled too hard; evidently they are intended for light-duty tasks.

When riding the Interstate, you receive little sensation of speed. Wind noise is reduced, you can see less roadway, and you aren't subjected to much air-buffeting. The GL engine is so quiet during normal operation, you practically feel as if you're inside the motorcycle instead of on top of it. A pair of adjustable vents are provided to duct air through the fairing and onto your midsection, but not all Cycle staff members thought the vents worked well.

Air heated by the engine is swept over you; to supplement the meager duct-controlled fresh air on warm days you must stick your elbows and knees into the air stream. On cooler days, that engine heat feels good, and it's mighty welcome. Riders taller than about five-ten will experience some wind turbulence at their heads with the stock windscreen, but shorter riders will be completely free of it. Most of Cycle's testers ranging from five-eight to six-one thought the GL's handlebar was a suitable height, if not a little too high.

Seat height was never a problem, even for the five-eight rider; he was able to touch the ground securely with both feet— barely. Like the standard GL, the Interstate's saddle is adjustable 0. We still found that large hump between the rider and passenger sections to be uncomfortable, and a hindrance to adjusting our riding posture.

The Interstate is much more relaxing to ride than the already tranquilizing standard Gold Wing because the accessories reduce wind noise and turbulence. Interestingly, the Honda's front tire howls lightly at miles per hour; this noise is probably evident only because the fairing eliminates a lot of the wind noise; it may also funnel sounds toward you.

Since the Interstate weighs a hundred pounds more than the standard GL, it requires a little more care in traffic and parking lots; and if you're jockeying the bike around with your feet down, you may bang your shins on the engine guards. Once moving quickly, stability is excellent, thanks to the Honda's steering and frame geometry, weight placement and perhaps one other feature: a six-pound iron weight attached in between the fork tubes. This weight, in theory, adds inertia to the steering assembly—wheel, fork and clamps— thus making the chassis more resistant to speed wobbles when its overall weight is rearward-biased.

We did find that our Interstate would shake its handlebar on trailing throttle, 40 to 20 mph if we only held onto it lightly. If the standard GL was reluctant to negotiate corners, the Interstate is even more so. Its additional weight, unless countered by stiffer air-suspension settings, allows the bike less cornering clearance. While the gap is adequate for leisurely riding, an average rider will have the Honda's footrest "warning" knobs grinding if he corners his heavily laden Interstate a bit too smartly.

There's a warning sticker on the windshield advising not to exceed 80 miles per hour. Although that's 25 mph higher than our maximum speed limit, Honda must figure some owners will take their Interstates across national boundaries or ignore the double-nickel barrier at home.

In these cases, the speed warning is to maintain motorcycle stability, not to ward off wind-broken windshields. Both the side and centerstands support the Interstate nicely on hard ground, but stiff breezes and soft soil mean you'll be better off using the centerstand.

Placing a loaded Gold Wing on its stand may take some doing, too, if you're slight of build and muscle. We found our Interstate provided as smooth a ride as the standard GL we tested in January , but more suspension system air pressure was needed to gain a happy compromise. The "standard" GL rode its best, we thought, with 17 pounds per square inch pressure in its fork; 35 psi in the shocks. Around psi was best for the Interstate fork, and 40 psi shock pressure worked well for heavy loads.

The Interstate allows an almost mirror-smooth ride under a variety of conditions; this happy circumstance is due greatly to correct damping, adjustable "spring" rates and a stiction-free fork and shock absorbers. On a mountain pass, you'll notice weight additions, yet the GL still has enough torque to keep you safely ahead of all but the most obnoxious seven-liter tailgaters.

For normal riding, the Interstate's weighty additions don't detract much from its passing abilities. Retrieved 19 March Automotive News. Crain Communications. Archived from the original on 18 January Retrieved 13 March Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan. Archived from the original on 23 April Retrieved 12 November A long-distance touring model rather than a sport model, it incorporated innovative technologies and ideas.

Bonnier Corp. Retrieved 6 December Ultimate MotorCycling. Archived from the original on 7 August Motorcycle Classics. Ogden Publications. It was, in fact, evolutionary, built to appeal to the American bigger-is-better theory.

Honda Worldwide. Honda Motor Co. Retrieved 7 November Honda Powersports. The Globe and Mail Canada. Archived from the original on 20 December Retrieved 6 January He called it the 'contra engine. Top Speed. Archived from the original on 6 February Retrieved 12 September This motorcycle had a water-cooled, 2-stroke, 3-cylinder engine that provided good acceleration over a wide speed range from low to high.

Retrieved 8 November Global Media Site. Daimler AG. The final evolutionary stage of the Benz racing car equipped with a contra engine was the hp Benz vehicle introduced in Whereas the two previous models both had a two-cylinder boxer unit, this vehicle — developed by Georg Diehl — featured a four-cylinder boxer with a 5,cc displacement.

Motorcyclist magazine. Retrieved 20 January New York Times. Retrieved 9 November Rider Magazine. April Archived from the original on 2 December Retrieved 23 November Retrieved 23 March Chicago Tribune. Retrieved 8 December Los Angeles Times. I'm not dead, just touring. Joshua Placa 28 July Retrieved 17 December La saga GoldWing in French.

Archived from the original on 19 December Orlando Sentinel. Retrieved 15 November It is often said that Harley-Davidson is the last American motorcycle manufacturer. Perhaps the last American-owned manufacturer would be more accurate. Honda has been building motorcycles in America since the late '70s at its plant in Marysville, Ohio.

Retrieved 15 December Gold Wing European Federation. Archived from the original on 9 January We ride a motorcycle that can take us from one end of Europe to the other with ease and comfort — just with a twist of the wrist. And that was to provide something just short of a full-dress touring bike in a slightly more manageable and cheaper form, at the behest of the European, not US, market.

Retrieved 26 February Retrieved 16 January The Biker eNews. Phillip Floria. Archived from the original on 5 December GoldWing-Technik Details in German. GoldWing Freunde Region Stuttgart. Archived from the original on 3 February Ed Youngblood. Archived from the original on 1 February Introduced in , the Honda GL was a stunning technical achievement.

The original, unfaired Gold Wing was the world's biggest, heaviest, and second fastest bike available at the time only the mighty Kawasaki Z1 was swifter. Novel features included a liquid-cooled flat four engine, belt-driven overhead cams, shaft drive, triple disk brakes, under-seat fuel tank, counter-rotating alternator, two oil pumps, 'floating' piston pins, faux top shelter 'tank' and detachable back-up kick-start arm, to mention a few.

Retrieved 13 November Goldwing Chrome. Gold Wing Chrome. Archived from the original PDF on 8 October Motorcyclist Illustrated. December Goldwing Owners Club of Great Britain. Archived from the original on 4 February Archived from the original on 24 March Retrieved 13 January Steve Saunders Goldwing Page.

Archived from the original on 4 July Retrieved 18 January Web Partners. Archived from the original on 5 April As we got comfortable with each other, Honda gave us permission to use our loaner GLs to make hardware to fit up my own Windjammer III fairing. Consequently, we had Windjammer brackets for GLs before Honda dealers even had the motorcycles. Honda Werther. Archived from the original on 15 October Archived from the original on 16 January Retrieved 15 January Archived from the original on 20 February Department of Transportation.

Parts Manual. Retrieved 16 November Archived from the original on 19 February Archived from the original PDF on 21 June Retrieved 19 November Archived from the original PDF on 13 November Guinness World Records Random House. Retrieved 3 December Honda Goldwing GL October Retrieved 18 November Archived from the original on 5 February Retrieved 27 January Archived from the original on 30 June Retrieved 26 January Motorcycle News. Bauer Media. Retrieved 14 November Archived from the original on 24 November The Auto Channel.

August The modern Gold Wing's appearance really hasn't changed since its last overhaul 12 years ago, which included the addition of two more cylinders and upped the displacement to cc's. On the 25th anniversary we get a couple of gold emblems proclaiming it as such, with few other modifications. Now Honda has come almost full circle by adding a full fairing, radio, and touring trunk. Add a pinch of '50s retro style, and you've got the Valkyrie Interstate.

Retrieved 20 November Independent Online. Independent Newspapers. Retrieved 25 November The architecture of the flat-six engine is the same as the GL of , with a low 9. The only significant changes in more than 36 years of production have been the addition of two extra cylinders and the substitution of two 40mm Keihin throttle bodies for the original downdraught carbs.

Motorcyclist Online. Source Interlink Media. June Archived from the original on 25 June As we chronicled last month, the Gold Wing will get many useful enhancements but not the complete overhaul many were hoping for. Honda GL Gold Wing".

Retrieved 26 November The Honda shines in the luggage department, too, showing how decades of real-world research pays off. Capacity of the trunk and saddlebags is enormous, and their operation is very car-like, so you can stuff in your junk and snick it shut with one hand.

Motorcycle USA. Unchanged is the familiar cc Flat Six powering the Honda. The Wing also remains a heavyweight touring platform, tipping the scales at a staggering — pounds, depending on the options. Thankfully, the electric Reverse system remains a standard feature. Also standard fare on the base Gold Wing are five-position heated grips, seat and backrest.

Retrieved 10 March Ultimate Motorcycling. Immediate Media Co. The Gold Wing F6C has a new aluminium subframe, new styling and steering geometry and radiators mounted on the sides instead of the front. Motorcycle Daily. Retrieved 1 December If anything, the new Valk is a Rune for the masses, as it uses much the same formula, albeit for a broader audience.

Bikeland Media. Veteran reviewers agree the F6B and the Gold Wing already carve corners far better than anyone who hasn't ridden them can believe. The Valkyrie goes beyond the F6B in handling and other areas, especially in stripping weight; down to a svelte pounds wet. Like the original, which debuted way back in , the new Valky bases off the Gold Wing, picking up the existing SOHC, valve opposed-six-cylinder engine trussed into an aluminum twin-spar frame. Cycle News. Archived from the original on 25 November That, combined with a low seat height of Honda motorcycle timeline, s street - next ».

Honda List of Honda motorcycles. Honda Motor Company. Oberg Honda Malaysia Racing Team. Template Category Commons. Categories : Honda motorcycles Six-cylinder motorcycles Shaft drive motorcycles Motorcycles powered by flat engines Touring motorcycles Motorcycles introduced in Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Digital electronic. F: Single shock double wishbone F: Dual mm 13 in discs , dual radial-mounted 6-piston Nissin calipers R: Single mm L : 2, mm Contact breaker [46]. Steel full-duplex cradle. F: Telescopic fork mm 5. F: Dual discs , single-piston calipers R: Single disc, opposed 2-piston caliper. Japan '79—'80; Marysville, Ohio '80—' F: Air-assisted telescopic fork, mm 5.

F: Dual discs , 1-piston calipers '80—'81 R: Single disc, 1-piston caliper '80—'81 F: Dual discs , 2-piston calipers '82—'83 R: Single disc, 2-piston caliper '82—' L : 2, mm 92 in GL Standard. Honda Gold Wing GL F: Air-assisted, anti-dive telescopic fork, 5. F: Dual discs , 2-piston calipers R: Single disc, 2-piston caliper. Electronic Solid-state Digital. F: Anti-dive fork 5.

F: 45mm cartridge fork with anti-dive system, mm 5. F: Dual discs , 3-piston calipers R: Single disc, 3-piston caliper. F: Dual discs , 6-piston calipers R: Single disc, 3-piston caliper. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Honda Goldwing.

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43 in tvs Engines were still being built in Japan, but Honda began to computer card youtube the machine as being made in America. Riders taller than about five-ten will experience some wind turbulence at their heads with the stock windscreen, but shorter riders will be completely free of it. There are no official provisions for wiring up electric clothing, but these units may be hooked directly to the Honda's battery. The Gold Wing's secondary target market was Europe, where riders prioritised handling and performance over luxury. CBR Streetfire. The radio "face" can be easily read except when in direct sunlight, and the radio pushbuttons can be used with thick or thin gloves, although computer card youtube gloves do hamper easy use of the dial knobs. Wikimedia Commons.
Jw org library Once moving quickly, stability is excellent, thanks to the Honda's steering and frame geometry, weight placement and perhaps one other feature: a six-pound iron weight attached in between the fork tubes. Gold Wings feature shaft icloud com flash find and a flat engine. Each fairing pocket lid seal is water-resistant too, although neither would survive a dip in a creek without leaking. Cast aluminum eleven-spoke wheels replaced the ComStars. The Gold Wings had chrome-plated valve coversCanadian and American models also had gold-plated 25th Anniversary emblems marking 25 years since the first GL debuted for the model year. VTR US.
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