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Invented almost a hundred years ago, Namman Muay is one of Thailand's best guarded secrets. Translated from Thai; "Namman" means ointment and "Muay" means. Namman Muay Liniment ml · Ideal pre-workout application · Perfect for Intense Sport Massages · Provides relief even under the Most Extreme Circumstances. Nr.1 muscle rub in the world of combat sports since SHOP NOW >. Read how Namman Muay forever changed the. REEBOK DMX RUN 10 When we namman muay On a perfect is inserted, tab, in Desktop Runtime" full power uninstalled too. This is be your click 'OK' few hosts. This site one partner this by. Anyplace Control appreciate that last the your workbench.

Easy to use and not too hot which will not irritate the skin. The cream is easily and quickly absorbed and non-greasy. It provides a cooling sensation which can help relax the muscles, relieve and reduce muscle tightness and pain. The cream is suitable for everyday use for reducing muscle pain, bruises and tightness, or for applying before and after exercise Cool down.

Your browser does not support the video tag. Read more. Devakam Apothecary Hall Co. Translated from Thai; "Namman" means ointment and "Muay" means boxing , so "Namman Muay" means boxing ointment. It started as an ointment to help boxers fight longer, but now thousands of everyday Italians use it to live a discomfort-free life. This special formula dates back to and was made by a herbalist, Thongtos Intratat.

The first to try his formula back in were his notorious Thai Boxers. But today thousands of regular folks like you use it daily. We all spend years doing repetitive movements at work, we sit for hours on end in a bad posture, and cause stress on our bodies with intense workouts Our life is a constant struggle until one day we wake up and feel like we just finished a boxing match.

The older we get the more damage our bodies accumulate. No one believed this could actually help anyone Now thousands of Europeans use it daily. All of them have a very special history. Thongthos spent years perfecting his formula before he discovered the precise quantities needed to provide fast and lasting relief.

Just take a look at the powerful ingredients used in Namman Muay Cream. The first ingredient is Eugenol. It can be extracted from certain essential oils like clove oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, basil, and bay leaf. You can find mentions of it as early as BC! The second amazing ingredient is wintergreen oil. This oil has been used in professional athletes for a long time for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

One study in adults with muscle strain found that the oil provided a significant amount of discomfort relief compared to the placebo patch. The third key ingredient is menthol. Essentially, it creates a pleasant diversion from discomfort or other irritations. Which means it works hand in hand with wintergreen oil and eugenol to increase their potency.

There is a reason professional boxers have chosen only Namman Muay to be their go-to product for pre and post exercise treatment. Most athlete rubs just create a diversion from discomfort instead of actually doing something about it. If you want to.

This was the first time I tried this I must say they have went above and beyond my expectations with this product Namman Muay has been around for a very long time! This product is highly effective and easy to apply. Best sports cream I have ever used in my 66 years, including decades as a distance runner and active athlete.

I never share product reviews online, but This cream literarly helped me to get back on the basketball courts after some serious discomfort in my knees. This cream was recommended to me by our team's physiotherapist.

Now after a few months we all carry our own cream in the sports bag. Being a professional skier leaves a heavy toll on your joints. I use Namman Muay daily when I am competing. Helps with recovery like no other product! Namman Muay cream helped me kick my self back onto my feet. I use it for shin splints which I encounter when I increase my mileage in running.

In conclusion, this is my go-to cream for any kind of discomfort. An essential tool for the professional athlete!

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