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As opposed to the Autobots' Supreme Commander, the Primes, the Decepticons' highest ranking leader is often given the title Emperor of Destruction. Beginning with the original Generation 1 cartoon, the Decepticon rallying cry has been "Decepticons attack! The Decepticons are from a race called Transformers - robots that can change into vehicles, mechanical devices and even animal forms. They waged war for eons on their home planet of Cybertron against the heroic Autobots.

Both factions needed supplies, and select numbers from each side intended to get them. The Autobots did not wish to fight the Decepticons, but they fought in space anyway. When the Decepticons board the Autobots' ship it takes a beating and crashes onto Primitive Earth and knocks everyone unconscious.

Millions of years later, in a volcano eruption causes a probe to give them all new forms which come from vehicles in the surrounding area. Unlike the Autobots, whose leader is a Prime bearing a Matrix , the Decepticons are led by the most powerful of their ranks usually Megatron. This tends to cause some conflict, given how generally every Decepticon thinks that they're the most powerful.

Also, the Decepticons are not exactly the most compassionate beings in the universe, but not all fight for greed. More than a few have a sense of honor, while others believe that Cybertron would be better protected by aggressive expansion.

Ultimately, the Decepticons desire to protect their homeworld, even if it is at the expense of others. Many of the Transformers were based on Takara designs. Optimus Prime was among the first Transformers released from Hasbro in In the Marvel comic continuity, it was established that the Decepticons came in and out of the gladiator pits on Cybertron.

Early on, the leadership of the Decepticons constantly changed due to their tendency to kill and replace their leaders. It would not be until a lowly Decepticon affiliated gladiator named Megatron assumed the throne that the Decepticons became a true threat to the rest of the population of Cybertron. While Megatron was the primary leader, other Decepticons had prominent roles as leaders of the group.

Shockwave , Scorponok , Bludgeon, and Ratbat all led the Decepticons, often overthrowing Megatron in the process or taking over the group during the period when Megatron was believed dead. In the G2 Marvel series which continues from the G1 Marvel series , it is stated that the Decepticon forces on Cybertron underwent a massive split in the wake of Megatron's disappearance when Megatron, Optimus Prime, and their respective troops crashed on Earth.

The smartest, strongest, and most intelligent Decepticons left Cybertron to colonize nearby galaxies, leaving a token leadership of overly cruel and duplicitous Decepticons to control Cybertron. On the final page of the last issue, the Liege Maximo indicates that the Decepticons and all their descendants came from him, which indicates that he is the original founder of the Decepticons. The Decepticons are a malevolent race of robot warriors, brutal and merciless.

The Decepticons are driven by a single undeviating goal: total domination of the universe. In the war that raged between the Decepticons and Autobots for millions of years, their home planet of Cybertron was drained of its once rich sources of energy. In hopes of finding new reserves for making Energon, their basic fuel, the Decepticons followed the Autobots to Earth.

Under the leadership of the ruthless Megatron, they continued their efforts to destroy the remaining Autobot forces. They attacked throughout the Earth and in space, using their underwater Decepticon headquarters as their staging base and bunker. But, by the year , the Decepticons had proven to be the losers of the last Great War. In an attempt to bolster the Decepticons' strength, the evil planet gobbling world, Unicron, reformed Megatron into a new robot named Galvatron to lead the Decepticons in a new era.

Now, in , the Decepticons have retreated to a burned out hulk of a planet called Chaar, a world of ash and ruin. Galvatron and his Decepticon lieutenants, the sleek and awesome Cyclonus, and the mighty Scourge, the master of the dreaded Sweeps, strike fear throughout the universe.

Their ultimate goal: to reconquer Cybertron and destroy the Autobots. In the original animated series continuity, the Decepticons owe their warlike ways to their faction's origin as military hardware robots, created by the five-faced aliens, the Quintessons , while the Autobots were designed as consumer goods. Following the rebellion that forced the Quintessons off the planet, the Decepticons - as they named themselves - lusting for power, began a civil war.

The Autobots could not hope to match the superior firepower and battlefield powers of the Decepticons, and instead turned to stealth, developing the art of transformation, modifying their bodies so that they could assume other forms. With this additional power, the Autobots were able to win the conflict, and a period of peace began, known as the Golden Age of Cybertron, when energy was plentiful and the planet shone with a golden hue.

Working in secret, the Decepticons also developed transformation technology, along with new robot-mode flight powers, and, under the command of one of the first of this new breed, Megatron , they attacked one of the capital's outer cities, killing the current Autobot leader. As the knowledge of this act was not made public, younger robots continued to idolize these powerful new flying robots - until one such young robot, Orion Pax , was duped by Megatron into allowing him access to an energy storage facility.

Megatron turned on Pax and fatally injured him, but the ancient Autobot, Alpha Trion , then rebuilt Pax into the first of a new, battle-hardy breed of Autobot - now, he was Optimus Prime , leader of the Autobots, who led them against Megatron and the Decepticons as the civil war erupted once more. After five million years, Cybertron was nearly depleted of all its energy when the Decepticons received word that the Autobots were planning to search for new energy resources.

Following the Autobot ship, the Ark , in their ship, the Nemesis , the Decepticons boarded the Ark and engaged the Autobots on their ship. Unfortunately, the Ark drifted too close to Earth and crashed landed in a volcano. All the occupants of the Ark went into emergency stasis, while the Decepticons on the Nemesis ejected to South America. There, they scanned the forms of local insects, becoming the Insecticons.

After 4 million years, the volcano the Ark was wedged in, erupted in Earth year , restarting its computer, Teletraan I. Sending out Spy Satellites, Teletraan created alternative forms out of Earth vehicles for any transformers caught in its scanning beam like F Eagles for Skywarp and a Semi-trailer truck for Optimus Prime.

The Decepticons awakened first but later the Autobots did too, thanks to Starscream's carelessness. By the Earth year , however, the Decepticons had succeeded in completely conquering Cybertron. In a final attempt to destroy the remaining Autobots they attacked Autobot City on Earth but were defeated. On their way back to Cybertron Astrotrain encountered difficulty leaving Earth's gravity due to an over-large payload.

Starscream convinced the others to jettison all the damaged and dying decepticons, including Megatron. Megatron was then found by Unicron who offered to rebuild him in return for destroying the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Megatron was reformed into Galvatron who returned to Cybertron, destroyed Starscream for his treachery and reassumed command of the Decepticons. Galvatron then attempted to use the Matrix against Unicron , provoking him into attacking Cybertron.

The attack coupled with the temporary loss of Galvatron shattered the decepticon forces, allowing the Autobots to reclaim their home planet. The Decepticons fled to the planet Chaar, a world of ash and ruin, where they struggled to survive until Galvatron returned to them and reorganized them into a fighting force, battling to take back Cybertron.

After Autobot leader Optimus Prime and Decepticon leader Megatron disappeared in a Space Bridge accident several million years ago, the Autobots and Decepticons split up into several factions. One of those who broke away was Ratbat , who quickly took the opportunity to form his own power base. Gathering loyalist followers and setting up their HQ in the Polyhex region of Cybertron the Ultracons quickly came into conflict with the Autobot splinter faction The Wreckers.

However, Ratbat added a secret weapon to his ranks - the combiner team the Constructicons , in flagrant defiance of treaties banning their use in the civil war as both Autobots and Decepticons splintered. When the Ultracons attacked the Tagan Heights in order to seize its factories for themselves, they were opposed by the Wreckers.

Ratbat quickly unleashed the Constructicons in their combined form of Devastator, routing the Wreckers. However, Ratbat was prevented from executing his rival Springer by the arrival of the Protectobots in their combined form of Defensor. The Autobot combiners were hoping to prevent an arms race between the various factions by stopping combiners signing up with the factions.

After the battle devastated the very manufacturing facilities the two factions hoped to acquire, the Protectobots separated and defeated Devastator via sabotage. With their most potent weapon gone, the Ultracons retreated. Later, the Ultracons joined with the Decepticons under Shockwave to support a peace accord with the Autobots, fighting off Starscream 's Predacon faction.

However, Megatron's return with an army of Seeker clones would bring a halt to the peace proceedings, and the Ultracons would be reabsorbed into the Decepticons. The origins of the Decepticons in the IDW continuity would be explored in The Transformers: Megatron Origin , which confirmed Megatron as their founder in this timeline.

A lowly miner, Megatron penned a manifesto against Functionalism, the forcible assignment of cybertronians to jobs based on their vehicle modes, which was in force at the time on religious grounds. Megatron began to work against the practice through peaceful protest, but following imprisonment and a brutal beating by police, he determines that force is the only way to bring about equality.

Ironically, on his way out the station after having been saved from a government ordered 'accidental-death-by-interrogation', he first meets the future Optimus Prime, who would go on to use his original writings as the basis for the Autobot movement. On the run after an unrelated attack on an Autobot Senator after a mining dispute, Megatron stumbled onto underground gladiator games in the state of Kaon and quickly became one of its rising stars.

However, it only truly became more than this when Ratbat , then a senator seeing an opportunity for profit, dispatched Soundwave to arm the gladiators. Megatron's forces then began to commit acts of terrorism increasing in scale and daring, attracting the attention of Sentinel Prime.

Kidnapping Senator Decimus as a symbol with the help of new airborne recruit Starscream Megatron issued a rallying call to the gladiators and their supporters, promising to unite them under one badge and make the whole planet their arena. Sentinel Prime's forces then found and arrested them en masse. This was all part of Megatron's plan: a supposedly informant Starscream massacred the Autobot Senate and freed the prisoners, signalling revolution and anarchy in Kaon.

Megatron eventually seemed to have killed Sentinel Prime one-on-one, and the Decepticons were forged. In this continuity, there are a number of differences to the traditional norm. The Decepticons are no longer based on Cybertron due to its devastation by rogue scientist Thunderwing. Instead, they have spread out through the galaxy, using their transforming abilities to infiltrate target worlds such as Earth or Nebulos disguised as local vehicles and equipment.

They then use their modes to create conflict, leading to complete anarchy as the world's political and social systems collapse. The Decepticons then move in and harvest the world's raw resources. How the world is pacified is unknown, although The Transformers: Spotlight issue on Sixshot revealed he is often sent in to complete the destruction of entire worlds. As in other continuities, Megatron is in command, and thus far has had to deal with the rebellion of Starscream 's Earth infiltration unit and the reemergence of Thunderwing, as well as moving on to Earth in order to harvest the extremely powerful Energon variant Ore, something which promises to give the Decepticons a significant edge over the Autobots.

The IDW continuity is unique in that it portrays the Decepticons as originally a force for good, standing up against oppression, who eventually themselves became oppressors. A large number of those who would become Autobots, including Optimus Prime himself, even support the Decepticon cause in the beginning, before it turns violent.

The Decepticons eventually evolve into the Predacons , a faction in the fictional Beast Wars universe created by Hasbro. Previously the name Predacon had been associated with the Transformer group which combined to form Predaking. The faction made their first appearance in the Beast Wars toyline and animated series, and have been represented in various Transformers animated series, comic books and toylines since.

A Predacon is most commonly represented as a Decepticon descendant with a new smaller, more energy-efficient body. This body transforms into an animal instead of a vehicle. Though the Decepticons and Predacons share many similarities, several important differences exist, such as leadership and ideals for example, choosing a pretense of peace with the Maximals, rather than maintaining a war at all costs.

It is not completely known as to how the faction gained predominance over all the other various Decepticon factions, although the comic book miniseries Beast Wars: The Gathering has provided hints that their heritage may be found in the original combiner team Predacons , hints confirmed by the subsequent Timelines: Dawn of Futures Past , which confirmed that Razorclaw, Divebomb and the other Predacons had been working behind the scenes.

In Transformers: Robots in Disguise , the Decepticons were not the name of the evil faction, but rather a sub-faction created by Megatron. The main faction was instead the Predacons carrying the name of the main villains over from Beast Wars , who transformed into mechanical animals. Realising that their ability to travel as Earth vehicles gave the Autobots an edge in stealth, Megatron decided to take drastic action.

Megatron recovered the protoforms of six Autobots that had crashed to Earth some time before looking for Fortress Maximus. Scanning them with vehicle modes at a military base and infusing them with a fraction of his spark energy to ensure their new loyalty, the first five became the Commandos. But when Megatron tried to scan a tanker truck as an alternate mode for the leader Scourge , Optimus Prime was scanned as well, resulting in much of Prime's personality being scanned as well.

With an infusion of Megatron's spark energy to complete the concoction, Scourge was born, emerging from his pod as a dark twin of Optimus Prime, who proved that Megatron's programming had over-ridden any Autobot goodness within him.

Appointed leader of the new "Decepticons", they quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The newly created Decepticons would try many schemes over the course of the series, including attacking various dams and faking their defection to the Autobots. But their leader, Scourge, had grander ambitions in mind. The copy of Optimus' personality had been warped by Megatron's evil influence, but the individuality of Optimus remained and Scourge now wanted to control both Predacons and Decepticons.

He would seize his chance when Fortress Maximus was awakened, directing him to destroy Galvatron Megatron's new form. The attempt failed and Galvatron took a terrible revenge - he stripped the Decepticons of their individuality, turning them into little more than drones. After Galvatron's defeat by Omega Prime , the Decepticons were among those sent back to Cybertron for imprisonment, except for Sky-Byte.

The Decepticons appeared in Transformers: Armada , Transformers: Energon , and Transformers: Cybertron as mostly jets and military vehicles. In the Unicron Trilogy continuity, the early history of the war is not expounded upon. The Decepticons, however, remain the main antagonists, with whom the Autobots have been warring for quite some time. The enslavement of the small, power-enhancing Mini-Cons has long been a major goal of the Decepticons, and the Mini-Cons are seen as key to winning the war.

Near the end of Armada, the Autobots and Decepticons join forces to defeat the planet-devouring Unicron, and the beginning of Energon sees them as uneasy allies. Many return to Megatron's side when he returns.

Cybertron sees a much smaller Decepticon force than the previous two series, and what has become of most of the survivors of the earlier series remains unknown. As Megatron's true plans are discovered, most of the Decepticons, unwilling to be sacrificed as pawns as their leader seeks to remake the universe, again battle a common foe alongside the Autobots.

The end of the series sees three of the comic-relief characters, with a reluctant Thundercracker, desiring to begin a new Decepticon force, and take off in a makeshift rocket. It makes it as far as Mars before it crashes, as the ending credits montage of the final episode shows.

The foursome survives, however. The fates of the other surviving Decepticons remains unknown, though evidence of Starscream's survival is discovered. Originally Optimus Prime and Megatron ruled Cybertron together, due to the power of the Allspark, a mysterious device that could give life to Transformers - and keep Cybertron itself alive.

Eventually, Megatron began to desire its power for himself and assembled a like-minded army of separatists - the Decepticons. Megatron soon struck, and Cybertron became embroiled in civil war. However, this would later seem to be changed by the sequel films, where it is revealed that Sentinel Prime was the first leader of the Autobots and The Fallen the founder and supreme master of the Decepticons.

Optimus would only take command after Sentinel was seemingly killed in action and Megatron served as leader of the second incarnation of the Decepticons with The Fallen as his master and mentor due to the latter's incapacitation.

The subsequent prequel novel Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday revealed that Starscream seized command of the Decepticons after Megatron's disappearance. The Decepticons make an appearance in the the Transformers live-action film. Like the Autobots, the Decepticons are designed to look more organic in the movie.

While the Autobots have more human-like appearances, the Decepticons are more monstrous; they tend to resemble carnivorous insects, mammals and birds. In the film, the Autobots intend to use the AllSpark, the object that created their robotic race, in an attempt to rebuild Cybertron and end the war, while Megatron and the Decepticons desire to control it with the intention of building an army by giving life to the machines of Earth.

Ultimately, nearly all the Decepticons who participated in the first battle except Starscream , Scorponok and Barricade are killed and the AllSpark is used by Sam to kill Megatron, thus making the Autobots accept Earth as their new home, while allying with humans to continue to hunt down remaining Decepticons.

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen it is revealed that The Fallen , a Prime who turned to evil, is the founder of the Decepticons, with Megatron being the leader of its second incarnation, accepting The Fallen as his master and mentor. This would seem to imply the Decepticons were originally Autobots who turned evil. In the final battle in the second movie, there are many Decepticon casualties including Devastator destroyed by a rail gun , Mixmaster cut in half and his head stomped off by Jetfire , Rampage killed by Bumblebee , Ravage stripped from his spine by Bumblebee , Scrapper and Long Haul killed by an airstrike , Scorponok head crushed by Jetfire and the Fallen himself spark ripped out by Optimus Prime.

Also killed in the movie are Sideways while still in his vehicle mode by Sideswipe and Demolishor, killed at the beginning by Optimus and Ironhide. Following the Fallen's death, Megatron officially takes full command of the Decepticons at this point, swearing vengeance.

The Decepticons return in Transformers: Dark of the Moon with the plan to use a Space Bridge to bring an army to Earth and transport Cybertron into orbit to rebuild the planet with Earth's natural resources and human population as slaves. Megatron and Sentinel Prime planned this a long time ago, planning to meet on Earth before Megatron went after the Allspark and ended up frozen and the Ark was shot down by Decepticon fighters few Decepticons knew of the plan and crashed on Earth's Moon in This was detected by the Americans and the Russians and the space programs were created to reach the ship and study it.

However, by the Decepticons had raided the Ark and removed all but five of the pillars and hid them on the Moon along with an army of hundreds of Decepticons, awaiting the time that the pillars would be used. After humans successfully reached the Moon and explored the ship, Soundwave and Laserbeak approached various humans including Dylan Gould 's father to get them to shut down the American and Russian space programs.

The Decepticons established a network of human collaborators who kept the humans from noticing the Decepticons actions on the Moon, later led by Dylan Gould. After a human collaborator named Alexi Voshkod leads NEST to Chernobyl where they retrieve an engine part from the Ark , the Decepticons reemerge for the first time since Egypt in the form of Shockwave and his Driller who attack, but retreat.

This leads the Autobots to retrieve Sentinel and the remaining space bridge pillars and revive him and as this is going according to plan, Megatron orders Laserbeak to kill all the human collaborators but Dylan Gould which he does. Sam and Seymour Simmons find out about the Decepticons plot from pictures a Russian probe got of the Decepticons hiding the pillars and the Dreads are sent to attack the convoy protecting Sentinel, but are killed by Bumblebee, Dino , Sideswipe and Ironhide.

After Sentinel reveals his true colors and murders Ironhide, he sets up the pillars in the National Mall and brings the Decepticon army consisting of hundreds of Decepticon soldiers and Decepticon ships to Earth. With the army in hand, the Decepticons promise to bring no war against the human population in exchange that the Autobots must leave Earth.

While taking off into the atmosphere, Starscream destroyed the ship, knowing that mankind will resist on their own. Some of the Decepticons scatter around the world to set up the pillars, but most of the army invades Chicago , devastating the human population and taking over.

Air Force. The combined human and Autobot forces overwhelm Sentinel and his remaining forces and Tomahawk missiles destroy most of the Decepticon fighters, forcing Sentinel to flee before engaging Optimus one-on-one. Dylan Gould reactivates the space bridge, but Sam Witwicky kills Gould, and Ratchet and Bumblebee destroy the Control Pillar, causing Cybertron to collapse and ruining the Decepticon plan. Also, the remaining Decepticon ships are sucked up into Cybertron by the space bridge and are destroyed with the planet.

Sentinel nearly kills Optimus, but Megatron, convinced by Carly Spencer that he would end up working for Sentinel unless he could get rid of him, turns on Sentinel and severely injures him. Upon seeing Cybertron being destroyed with the space bridge, Megatron attempts to make a false truce with Optimus, but Optimus doesn't fall for it and kills Megatron and Sentinel. While the loss of human life in Chicago is massive, the battle is a major victory for the Autobots as they eliminated most of the Decepticon army on Earth including Gould by traitor despite there being some still scattered around the globe and the entire Decepticon command structure was destroyed with all of its members killed in the battle.

While the regular Decepticons do not actually appear in Transformers: Age of Extinction except Megatron who was reborn as Galvatron , they do play a role in the story as secondary antagonists. It was mentioned that there might still be less than a dozen Decepticons and Autobots hiding on the planet Earth by Harold Attinger Kelsey Grammer. The film's antagonist is instead the neutral assassin and bounty hunter Lockdown, who may have been a Decepticon at one point, sent to Earth to hunt Optimus Prime by the Transformers' creator race unseen in the movie.

Lockdown and Attinger make a three-way deal along with a company named K. Their crown jewel is Galvatron , who becomes possessed by Megatron 's Frank Welker consciousness and then possesses the other prototypes and turns them into Decepticons controlled by him. Galvatron plans to use the Seed, a device that can create Transformium, the metal Transformers are made of, to rebuild his Decepticon army and conquer Earth, when Joyce was called by Cade Yeager, and, knowing that he was manipulated by Attinger and Galvatron, escapes with the Seed.

After the final battle in Hong Kong, all the Decepticons are destroyed by Cade, the Autobots and Dinobots, except Galvatron, who escapes after Lockdown and Attinger are killed by Optimus Prime, vowing to return one day, for he is reborn, before Cemetery Wind dissolved by their crimes and branded as a terrorist organization.

Barricade, Soundwave and a number of other Decepticon "protoform drones" appear in archival footage from Dark of the Moon presented by Attinger. The Decepticons return in Transformers: The Last Knight with the revived leader, Megatron, when a war for survival has commenced between the human race and the Transformers and set up a military organization of TRF Transformers Reaction Force. The Decepticons began to search for the staff when Barricade reports to Megatron that human has found the mysterious talisman they're seeking and suggests using TRF their purposes.

During the final battle, they assist the sorceress Quintessa in draining the life-energy from Earth to repair a damaged Cybertron and began to defend the from the Autobots and military. But the Autobots broke through and most of the Decepticons began to die and were defeated.

The Decepticons return in Bumblebee , where they are first seen during the final battle for Cybertron against the Autobots. While Rodimus led an Autobot task force on a preemptive strike against the Cybertronian Empire's Hub network , the Dark Matrix creature , which had manipulated events on Cybertron, Earth, and Nebulos , spread itself across Cybertron, turning every Transformer it could reach into Shadow-leeches. The last known surviving Decepticons were Ravage , Starscream , and Shockwave , who, facing extinction, renounced the ways of the Decepticons and became ambassadors for peace.

The ultimate ambition of the Decepticons was to reshape their world into a planet conquering warworld through what was known as Project Dreadnought. After Megatron and Decepticon High Command had been lost in space, '84 0 Straxus became the closest thing to the new Decepticon leader , leading his army on a violent campaign against Ultra Magnus ' Autobots. The Decepticons began life as a line of military hardware robots created by the Quintessons , alongside the consumer goods robots that would become the Autobots.

Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 It is unknown exactly what role the military hardware robots played in the eventual rebellion of the robots against their creators; the only ones seen to participate in the conflict were the Autobots' ancestors, led by A-3 , but given their fighting ability, the proto-Decepticons seem like they would have made logical soldiers in the fight.

Forever Is a Long Time Coming. Following the defeat of the Quintessons and their exile from Cybertron, a brief period of peace descended, before the base differences between the two breeds of robot led to the outbreak of conflict.

Lusting for power, the Decepticons, as they now called themselves, rallied under a leader and began a war with the peaceful Autobots, who proved unable to match their inborn military skills. After the fall of several successive Autobot leaders, the heroic robots turned to stealth, and invented the art of transformation ; with this edge, Sentinel Prime defeated the Decepticons' leader, ending the war and ushering in the prosperous Golden Age of Cybertron. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4.

Over time, the defeated Decepticons married transformation technology with robot mode flight powers, leading to the creation of Megatron around nine million years ago. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 Gathering like-minded warriors like the loyal Soundwave , the emotionless Shockwave and the young upstart Starscream , and brain-washing others into his service with the Robo-Smasher , The Secret of Omega Supreme Megatron slew Sentinel Prime and reignited the war.

Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 Against the Autobots under the command of new leader Optimus Prime , the protracted warfare ran for five million years, draining Cybertron dry of energy and forcing the Transformers to seek new power sources on other planets. When Optimus Prime's best and brightest departed on this quest aboard a spacecraft , Megatron's elite followed them, and the battle that erupted led to a crash-landing on prehistoric Earth that entombed all the combatants in stasis for four million years.

More than Meets the Eye, Part 1. In , a volcanic explosion led to the reactivation of the Transformers; the Decepticons were first to recover, and immediately set about plundering Earth's natural resources to build a space cruiser that would take them back to Cybertron. Sabotaged in mid-flight, the ship crashed into one of Earth's oceans, More than Meets the Eye, Part 3 but the Decepticons survived and rebuilt the crippled craft to serve as their new headquarters for the continuing conflict on the planet.

A space bridge was established between Earth and Cybertron, and any resources the villains could purloin would be sent back to the dying planet to secure their stranglehold over it. Transport to Oblivion. At some point over the next twenty years, the Decepticons focused their attentions away from Earth and managed to take complete control of Cybertron, forcing the Autobots to relocate to twin moonbases on Cybertron's two satellites, and to Autobot City on Earth.

In , learning that the Autobots planned a major strike to retake Cybertron, the Decepticons launched an attack on Autobot City, with disastrous consequences for the Autobots. The battle saw one of the Decepticons' long held dreams achieved in the death of Optimus Prime, but Megatron was damaged, and left to rot in deep space, along with several of his wounded followers.

Found by the monster planet Unicron , Megatron was reformatted him into Galvatron , and the others into Cyclonus , Scourge , and the Sweeps , in return for their servitude. Soon after, while Unicron was attacking the Decepticon-controlled Cybertron, Galvatron duelled with the new Autobot leader Rodimus Prime , who triumphed and hurled him into the void of space. Their world and their forces devastated and their leader gone, the Decepticons were easily routed by the Autobots, who forced them into exile on the burned-out world of Chaar while they retook and restored Cybertron.

The Transformers: The Movie. On Chaar, the Decepticons faced constant energy shortages and engaged in constant in-fighting over what little they did have. Determined to restore order, Cyclonus hatched a plan to locate the lost Galvatron, in hopes that he could lead the Decepticons to glory once more.

Although they were successful, Galvatron proved to have been driven insane by his experiences, and while his return did herald the recommencement of hostilities with the Autobots, the Decepticons never quite recovered their old standing, continuing to operate on Chaar throughout and regularly entering into ill-fated alliances with the Quintessons. Five Faces of Darkness.

Eventually, the Decepticons went into hiding following the resurrection of Optimus Prime. When they returned, it was in force, launching an attack on Autobot City in order to steal the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber on Cybertron, intending to use the chamber to overload the sun and destroy Earth and Cybertron together. The battle for the key carried several of their number to the planet Nebulos , where they became binary bonded to the planet's evil rulers, the Hive , as Headmasters and Targetmasters.

They returned with the key to Cybertron, but Autobot intervention caused the energy of the chamber to backfire on them, hurling their battlestation Scorponok , with the amassed forces of the Decepticons aboard, off into the far reaches of the universe. The Rebirth. Following the return of Optimus Prime, the Decepticons consolidated their power base by heavily fortifying Chaar and turning it into an actual, functional base of operations. Four Warriors Come out of the Sky Their ranks were swelled with the addition of the Decepticon Headmasters—Cybertronians who had fled their homeworld millions of years before and taken up residence on the planet Master , but who had been exiled by the local leader Fortress for an attempted coup.

The Mystery of Planet Master Headmaster commander Scorponok coveted leadership of the Decepticons for himself, and finally obtained it when the Autobot Headmasters entombed Galvatron in an iceberg. The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg Under Scorponok's leadership, the Decepticons nearly succeeded in destroying the Earth with crysmagnetal and plasma energy , but upon the destruction of Scorponok's Transtector , they ultimately elected to finally withdraw from Earth once and for all.

The Final Showdown on Earth Part 2. The Decepticons returned to Chaar, and over the next few years, fought the Autobots on Athenia in a series of space-based exchanges that became known as the Master Wars. Circumstances changed when the mysterious alien Devil Z was able to brainwash Scorponok, placing him and by extension, the entire Decepticon army, under his command.

Master File No, 1 While Scorponok, now known as "BlackZarak", continued to lead the Decepticons' space based forces, a small group of Pretenders operating under Devil Z's direct command on Earth furthered the evil alien's attempts to fuse human and Transformer life to create the ultimate lifeform by bringing about the rise of the Headmaster Juniors and the Godmasters.

Headmaster Jrs Super Warriors - The Godmaster Brothers A group of Autobot Pretenders worked to counter his schemes by doing the same, and the repeated failure of his human Transformers to triumph over their Autobot counterparts led Devil Z to conclude that he had been incorrect, and that humanity was of no use to him.

He transformed the Headmaster Jr and Godmasters into full robotic lifeforms, but soon after, he and BlackZarak were destroyed by the Autobot leader Ginrai , and the Decepticons fled the Earth once more. A Battle Leadership was briefly taken up by Overlord , but by the year , the Decepticon army was reorganized under the new Emperor of Destruction, Deathsaurus , and began attacking numerous different planets all across the galaxy in pursuit of a world they could take for their own.

The Fortress vs the Victory Unification. Deathsaurus' defeat marked a decline in Decepticon activity, but soon a more supernatural force seized command: Violengiguar , a being made up of the spirits of many defeated Decepticons, rallied together Nine Great Demon Generals from throughout Decepticon history to capture for him the Autobots' new Energon Z , and the life-giving Zodiac , which he would combine to create a " Decepticon Zone " from which he could conquer the universe.

This stood in the way of the plans of the mysterious alien Dark Nova , so he used his powers to resurrect Galvatron from his Arctic tomb and transform him into Super Megatron. The Decepticon army was virtually non-existent under Dark Nova; Super Megatron had no actual Decepticon troops at his command, merely Dark Nova's Novaroid and Galaman warriors, though they did bear the Decepticon insignia.

Return of Convoy. Defeated by Optimus Prime in a duel in the Mirtonian constellation , the badly wounded Megatron disappeared with the Decepticons into the far reaches of the universe, and the war appeared to be over once more. Alas, it was not to be so, as a parallel version of Galvatron from an alternate dimension appeared and took control of the Decepticon army, renewing hostilities Hybrid Style Convoy Black Version and bolstering their forces with the addition of biomechanically-engineered monsters.

The Decepticons fought the Autobots in the Great War but were ultimately defeated and forced to sign the Pax Cybertronia which left them in a second class position. A small number of Decepticons were granted amnesty for their crimes but by the era of the Maximals , most of these had retired. The Decepticons were succeeded by the Predacons who shared their ancestors' dream of galactic conquest and schemed to quietly subvert the rule of the Maximals. The Decepticons arose out of the underground fights that Megatron once partook in.

After discovering certain secrets about Cybertron's origin, including massive planetary engines , Megatron began using the games to recruit combatants. For nearly half a million years, they grew in numbers and trained, until they rebelled against the Council of Ancients and took Kaon by force.

While the war raged on, the Constructicons repaired the engines and introduced a mecha-forming process, but what they really needed was a power source. Megatron became convinced that he could find one powerful enough within the Matrix , which was in the possession of Sentinel Prime.

However, when Megatron finally killed the Prime, he discovered that it was not within him. Soon after, Optronix became Optimus Prime, and Megatron initiated a plan: an assassination team under Communications Officer Soundwave would elimate the Prime and claim the Matrix, while Military Operations Commander Shockwave would lay siege to Iacon, preventing the Autobots from coming to Prime's rescue.

However, Megatron made two mistakes: he informed Air Commander Starscream of his intentions, and he underestimated Optimus Prime. The Prime managed to erase some of Megatron's memories of what he discovered, while Starscream activated the mechaforming process using energy from the planetary engines. The engines were destroyed before the process was complete, ruining both.

The War Within. After Megatron disappeared with Optimus Prime in a space bridge test, Shockwave became Decepticon leader, though Starscream and High Auditor Ratbat broke off with their own splinter factions shortly afterwards. However, Megatron returned with the Aerospace Extermination Squadron , an army of Quintesson created Seeker drones, whose abilities allowed the Decepticons to fully conquer Cybertron and enslave the Autobots.

War Within: The Age of Wrath. When Megatron disappeared along with the Nemesis crew, Shockwave again emerged as Decepticon leader, this time as head of a triumvirate including Ratbat and Scorponok. With energon becoming scarce, Shockwave agreed to work with Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus in the creation of the Micromasters , Transformers who were downsized for better fuel efficiency. Shockwave suffered a rebellion when Skystalker overthrew him, using Shockwave's severed head as a tool.

Transformers: Micromasters However, all Transformers on Cybertron entered stasis lock when the Great Shutdown occurred. Around 1, B. Studying Scourge and discovering some of the secrets Megatron had learned, Shockwave made peace with the Autobots, installing himself as Head of State with an Autobot High Council as a legislature, while Ultra Magnus became his senior security officer.

However, the High Councillors were unsuited for peace time government, and gradually gave Shockwave more and more power On Earth, the Nemesis crew was reawakened in Cut off from Cybertron, the Decepticons concluded that they had no other choice but to conquer the planet. Megatron soon learned that others had come looking for them, including Jetfire and the Dynobots. The Decepticons captured Jetfire and the Dinobots except Grimlock, and used the hostage situation to force Grimlock to serve the Decepticons.

Additionally, the Constructicons located Earth and served under Megatron. In , the Autobots allied with humanity to defeat the Decepticons. They were to be returned to Cybertron in the Ark II , but Shockwave, through a human intermediary, sabotaged the Ark II , causing the ship to crash and send the Transformers aboard into stasis lock.

Renegade members of the United States military managed to capture the Decepticons and a number of Autobots, intending to use them as instruments of war, but Adam Rook later stole them and set himself up as an arms dealer. Unfortunately, Megatron overwhelmed the programming that kept him a prisoner, and freed the other Decepticons. Megatron then intended to unleash a technovirus on Earth, but the Autobots defeated him. Prime Directive. A year later, Shockwave arrived to tie up loose ends, quickly capturing Megatron and the Nemesis crew.

Starscream ejected Megatron out of the ship carrying them to Cybertron, leaving him to die in space. The Nemesis crew were granted amnesty, but Starscream quickly recruited them into going back to Earth to conquer the planet, taking the Combaticons with them. Shockwave was finally overthrown when Optimus Prime united the Autobot resistance groups, but he escaped with a small number of troops.

War and Peace. Meanwhile, Megatron was rescued by Wreck-Gar , who repaired his memory loss. Using some recovered Air Warriors, Megatron located the Predacons , who were used to take control of Shockwave's small army. On Earth, Starscream's failures during Sunstorm 's rampage were reason enough to convince the Nemesis crew to mutiny against Starscream in Megatron's favor. With two combiner teams, an army of Seekers, Soundwave's cassettes, and knowledge of Earth's connection to Cybertron, Megatron prepared to lead the Decepticons on the conquests of Earth and Cybertron G1 ongoing During the reign of Nominus Prime , Cybertronian civilization was stratified by a Functionist society that equated one's worth as an individual with the usefulness and uniqueness of one's altmode.

Among the impoverished lower classes was a young, idealist miner named Megatron who sought to peacefully end Functionism as an institution. His treatise gathered momentum among Cybertron's working class, Chaos Theory Part 1 but the Decepticon movement didn't come about until later, when an embittered and disillusioned Megatron began circulating more radical and violent samizdat writings. Indeed, the name Decepticon was taken from one of Megatron's favorite rallying cries: "You are being deceived.

Despite the Senate's best efforts to quash the burgeoning social movement by instituting a clampdown Chaos Theory Part 2 and having Megatron reassigned to distant mining colonies, Post Hoc they proved unable to suppress Megatron for long; soon, the Decepticon leader found a way back to Cybertron Megatron Origin 2 and eventually spearheaded an uprising in Kaon , taking the city and killing Sentinel Prime.

Megatron Oriring 4 The Decepticons soon began spreading across the planet, recruiting downtrodden victims of Functionist society, smuggling illegal weapons, Behind My Bleeding Back , and carrying out terrorist strikes in advance of their main assaults. Spotlight: Blurr Sentinel Prime's successor Zeta attempted to restore order, but his destructive, morally dubious campaign led to both Orion Pax and Megatron teaming up against the mad Prime and killing him. Although they'd overthrown the Senate and yet another Prime, it was clear that Megatron sought to institute a brutal dictatorship of their own, Overthrown and Orion—now "Optimus Prime"— rose up to fight back against the Decepticons.

As the war spread into space and beyond, the Decepticons first sought to institute a Decepticon Empire , conquering, razing, and cyberforming organic worlds into colonies in their new Constellate. Rules of Disengagement Under Megatron's command, the Empire included a Decepticon Secret Service that handled spying and tech acquisitions; Spotlight: Hot Rod penal colonies like Styx ; Tactical Assault Units like the Predacons , Spotlight: Shockwave , and the elite Decepticon Justice Division , assembled to hunt down and kill traitors to the cause.

The Permanent Revolution The war they started proved too destructive for Cybertron to handle, and the Decepticons had to abandon it after the disastrous Thunderwing incident. Despite Megatron's vision of "cleansing" the galaxy of impure organic lifeforms, the Constellate proved too costly to sustain; in its place, the Decepticons devised the infiltration protocol : Last Stand of the Wreckers 2 a cheaper method by which undercover Decepticons would gather intelligence, deploy facsimiles , and deliberately inflame pre-existing planetary tensions, effectively manipulating the natives into annihilating themselves.

Infiltration In extreme circumstances, the Decepticons would send in a Phase Sixer like Sixshot to destroy whatever remained. Spotlight: Sixshot. In the early 21st century, after centuries of cloak-and-dagger warfare against the Autobots across the galaxy, Megatron finally dropped infiltration protocol; during the Surge , Decepticons across the galaxy abruptly broke cover and launched an all-out offensive on major Autobot positions.

Bullets Megatron and his innermost forces attacked Earth, where they ran amok for almost a year before Optimus Prime and his Autobots were able to recover, grievously wound Megatron, and drive his forces from the ravaged planet. Starscream took control through a charade of wielding the Matrix. All Hail Megatron The counter-offense left the Decepticons in tatters; some Decepticons remained on Earth, where they fruitlessly scrounged for fuel, while others retreated with Starscream to a barren asteroid, where they began to cannibalize each other for energon and spare parts.

After three years of convalescence, Megatron finally returned and took back his rightful position. Altered Carbon. Later, Megatron allowed himself to be captured and brought to a mostly restored Cybertron, where he used a space bridge built into his body to summon the Decepticon army to him.

Kings Once the monster was defeated, the weakened Decepticons were all captured by the Autobots. The Death of Optimus Prime Megatron was believed dead after standing up to the creature. Though many Decepticons returned to Cybertron, an even greater number of cells opted to remain in space, communicating with each other and waiting for an inevitable call to arms.

Stranger Eons. The Decepticons were released and eventually, in the interests of peace, the chips were deactivated. An uneasy peace emerged between Decepticon, Autobots, and the returning neutrals , with Starscream rising to power as the Decepticon spokesman after arranging the death of their previous spokesman, Ratbat, before he could start another war.

Rules of Disengagement Megatron soon returned, having spent the intervening time in the wilds of Cybertron, learning about the "strange energies" that allowed the Deceptigod to form and communicating them with his inner circle of loyalists. Wielding a new combiner , he and his followers once again attempted an uprising, but the Autobots successfully quashed the conflict and managed to imprison Megatron once again. In the ensuring chaos, Starscream abandoned the Decepticons managed to convince the NAILs to support him as the sole leader of Cybertron; with their support, the remaining Autobots and Decepticons were exiled from Iacon.

Heavy Is the Head. Following the Dark Cybertron crisis, Megatron allowed himself to be put on trial on Luna 2 , having supposedly abandoned the Decepticon cause. Towards Peace Thanks to a technicality in the Luna 2 legal system, Megatron was allowed to join the Lost Light crew in its quest for the Knights of Cybertron , postponing his ultimate verdict until the Knights could judge him in person.

However, in exchange for his continued freedom, Megatron was forced to recite a statement declaring his renouncement of all Decepticon ideals and ordering all remaining Decepticon forces to stand down and do the same. Journey's End. Shortly before his fall from grace, Starscream sent Bludgeon into space to rally all the scattered Decepticon cells into one massive fleet. The techno-geneticist Scorponok had his own plans to revive the Decepticons now hovering somewhere around 10, individuals and finally achieve victory.

Via a creature called the Firstborn , Scorponok intended for the Decepticons to briefly become organic creatures and sexually reproduce so as to refresh their numbers. Kill All 'Cons. The Ground As the leaderless faction clashed with the Prime worshippers, they noticed Starscream sneaking around and asked him to become leader again.

Though hesitant at first, Endless Forever Starscream ultimately agreed and led his army away to draw up new plans of conquest. Unforgivable Shortly afterwards, Starscream visited the imprisoned Shockwave who revealed his master plan was to have Unicron soften up the galaxy before killing him via the corrupted Vector Sigma and restoring the Decepticon Empire.

Last Stand. Under Bludgeon's guidance, the scattered cells came together to form the " Decepticon Vengeance Division ", being dispatched by Starscream to contain and destroy Unicron at G Nebula Though the fleet's firepower was immense, Bludgeon himself was loyal to Unicron, the Decepticons subsequently being warped into Unicron's heralds.

Stranger Eons When Unicron arrived at Cybertron, the Decepticon citizenry swarmed into Metroplex , Our Finest before the entirety of the population was teleported to Earth by the magic of the Spectral Knights. Road's End. Along with all other factions, the Earth-bound Decepticons joined in the attack on the DVD, Assembly settling into a new life on Earth once Unicron had been defeated. Ceremony Post.

After being reactivated in , the Decepticons carried out operations on Earth, seemingly under the command of Starscream , Cultural Appropriation before the war spread beyond Earth and turned increasingly violent, resulting in the Earth Defense Command banning all Transformers from their space. At an unidentified point in the 21st century, Unicron reformatted, or revived, Megatron into the powerful Galvatron who continued, or retook, Decepticon leadership.

The Inexorable March. The Decepticons then invaded the planet Nebulos via infiltration protocol before the intervention of the Human Confederacy turned the war hot and ended in the Scouring of Nebulos. The enormous loss of life was the final straw for the humans , who restricted all Cybertronians to the Allowed Zone , where the war could do no further harm to the galaxy.

The battle ended in a humiliating defeat for the Decepticons, and resulted in the Allowed Zone being cut in half. Galvatron himself would eventually be executed via a Quintesson judgement. Cultural Appropriation Thunderwing led his troops to seize the Underbase on Artemis and bonded with the ancient artifact's power. Rendered insane, he cut a swath of destruction across Cybertron, forcing the Autobots and Decepticons to once again unite to combat their mutual foe.

Thunderwing's defeat marked the technical end of both Autobots and Decepticons as both parties reorganized themselves into the Builders of Cybertron. Not All Megatrons. Having created the Energon Matrix to substitute for the lost Vector Sigma , Cerebros created the Predacons as the descendants of the Decepticons. Head Games. When the Great War broke out, the Decepticons quickly proved themselves a superior fighting force to the former Autobot rulers.

The Truth We Make Despite this, the length of the war caused some teams, such as the Raptoricons , to abandon the conflict entirely. Life Finds a Way. A Decepticon project throughout the war was the recreation of the Creation Matrix, Deadly Aim Shockwave undertaking many an experiment to this end.

The Toxic Transformer. The Decepticon experiments eventually created the Matrix of Malice which unleashed Thunder Mayhem on the planet, the combiner's destructive rampage wiping out Cybertronian civilization, the Autobots included.

Deadly Aim Some Decepticon units managed to survive by fleeing on starships and in stasis pods, Life Finds a Way with even Megatron himself managing to flee in a personal craft. Four million years ago, the Decepticons pursued the Autobots into the Sol asteroid belt , their boarding of the Ark causing it to crash on prehistoric Earth and knocking all aboard into stasis lock. The Decepticons were reawakened in the s and began a secret war over Earth's supply of energon before World War III forced them off the planet.

Trailing the Autobots aboard Trypticon , the Decepticons boarded Fortress Maximus in orbit of Cygnus Seven , the act again causing all aboard to fall into stasis lock when the Autobot ship crashed. In the 23rd century, a Federation survey team unknowingly reactivated Maximus. Awakened first by the Titan's repair protocols, Megatron healed his troops and led an attack on the surface. Prime's Directive, Part Two. While Decepticon firepower made quick work of the mining colony, they were unprepared for the intervention of the USS Enterprise , its photon torpedos proving able to damage the Decepticons.

Falling back to a nearby moon, the Decepticons found Trypticon being occupied by the Klingons , Megatron soon smooth talking the aliens into an alliance. Prime's Directive, Part One. Enraged, Megatron ordered a retreat from Cygnus Seven to pursue Starscream. Prime's Directive, Part Four. The Decepticons caught up with Starscream on Kronos , within the chambers of the Klingon High Council , and began conquering the planet. When the Autobots and Starfleet arrived to defend Kronos, Soundwave unleashed his audio disruptor waves on their foes, only to learn that the Klingons were deaf to the frequency he utilized.

Caught off-guard, the Decepticons were subject to a surprise attack by a fleet of warbirds. By the terms of James T. Kirk 's peace with Gorkon , the Decepticons were left behind in Klingon custody. Prime's Directive, Part Five. The ' Ascenticon' faction began with Termagax , noted Cybertronian engineer and philosopher, in the aftermath of the War of the Threefold Spark.

Dissatisfied with the way Cybertron had developed in response to the Nominus Edict , Termagax created the Ascenticon to become part of the Cybertronian senate and institute reforms, starting with scrapping the Edict. Termagax's student, a young firebrand named Megatron , became the first Senator of the Ascenticon faction. Over time, Termagax's dissatisfaction with Cybertronian society grew more extreme, until she eventually recused herself from society entirely, leaving the Ascenticons in Megatron's hands Megatron shared his mentor's desire to get rid of what he saw as the restrictions on Cybertron's growth, but not her grassroots approach.

Megatron began a scheme to make sure the Ascenticons rose to power, even if by mass deception. Megatron's scheme began with the creation of a sub-faction, called The Rise , composed of those radically opposed to the Edict, and the Autobot hegemony. The intent was to have the Rise creation friction, which would turn the Autobots increasingly fascistic, and therefore drum up support for the Ascenticon way. Unknown to all, Megatron had Shockwave returned from exile to whip the Rise into suitable shape.

In the senate, the Ascenticons proved contentious, siding against the Autobots and Reversionist factions. In public, Megatron began giving rallies, gaining popular support while condemning the violence of the Rise. As the cycles passed, their rallies grew harder and harder to control as support for their cause grew and grew, with the most recent rally having injured a dozen people. Senator Orion Pax attempted to parley with Megatron , seeking a delay of the latest Ascenticon rally in Tarn , but Megatron rebuffed these efforts, simply stating that he sought change on Cybertron, and as long as he was allowed to speak he would continue to do so.

While the Guard was nominally under the command of Elita-1, it was Senator Soundwave who was in charge of recruitment, and the senator was extremely untrusting of any recruit with Autobot sympathies. Acting quickly, Soundwave contacted the Rise to deal with the situation. In the ensuing investigation, the security services found evidence of the Rise's activities and armaments, and officer Barricade's connection to these events. Elsewhere, recruitment for the Guard began to surge, including Barricade.

Megatron, on learning of Soundwave's actions, was outraged at the decision. He quickly updated his plans, to accelerate events. Broadcasting a speech to Cybertron as a whole, Megatron declared the Ascenticons would no longer wait peacefully for change to come, but force it, before unveiling a revised version of the Ascenticon insignia. Soon after, Ascenticons began branding themselves with the new insignia.

Elsewhere, Soundwave approached Sentinel Prime, stating the Ascenticon viewpoint that the planet's situation dictated an immediate, accelerated election, which Sentinel angrily refused. Meanwhile, Soundwave covered the Ascenticons' tracks, erasing the knowledge of when 'bots such as Quake and Barricade had joined up. On hearing of a fight between Risers and the security service, Soundwave ordered Elita and Bumblebee to intervene and show Cybertron the new face of the Ascenticons.

After witnessing the fallout of the Rise's actions, The Change In Your Nature Part Two Megatron visited Shockwave and beat him until he agreed to fall into line within the command chain of the Ascenticons. Sentinel Prime made plans to arrest the Ascenticon leaders at an upcoming Senate session only for Heretech to reveal this to Megatron, driving the Ascenticon leader to accelerate his plans. When the Senate met, Megatron's forces attacked the building, overpowering the guards and taking the Senators hostage where Megatron cast aside the mantle of "Ascenticons" and adopted Sentinel's mocking moniker of "Decepticons".

We Have Deceived You Now in control of Iacon, the Decepticons focused their attention on winning over those Cybertronians who controlled the everyday functions of society. Though the Decepticons fought back, they found their power outmatched by the invader. Unable to flee, Megatron was approached by Kremzeek the Scavenger who had come seeking the AllSpark , shuttled off Cybertron by the recently departed Autobots.

Bargaining with the Decepticon leader, Kremzeek turned Decepticon High Command into ghosts , leaving the Decepticon army to be destroyed by Gozer along with their planet. When Kremzeek was defeated on Earth, his Decepticon prisoners were freed. Ghosts of Cybertron Part 4 Though Optimus offered to use the AllSpark to revive them, Megatron attacked his arch-foe in a vengeful fury, even dreaming of possessing Optimus and using the Autobots to rebuild the Decepticon Empire , before he was detained in a ghost trap.

Soundwave and Shockwave were likewise imprisoned by the Ghostbusters while Starscream fled the planet. In the aftermath, Optimus took the Decepticon ghosts with him, hoping to one day rehabilitate and resurrect them, while Ectotron opted to patrol the galaxy for any more Decepticon spectres that might be out there. Ghosts of Cybertron Part 5. In the original timeline, in the year , the Decepticons aboard the Ark awoke first, taking advantage of the situation to execute their Autobot foes.

Free of any resistance, the Decepticons conquered Earth, defeating Skywatch , an organization born to challenge them, and forcing its supercomputer, Skynet , to surrender some time prior to the year Skynet was later executed by Starscream in when it was found to have only feigned surrender.

Enemy of My Enemy Part Two. Before its death, Skynet had succeeded in constructing a time displacement device , sending a lone T unit back in time to destroy the Decepticons before they could awake in Enemy of My Enemy Part One.

While the unit arrived too late to prevent the Decepticons' reactivation, and lacked the capability to destroy them, its interference allowed the Autobots to survive, the Decepticons withdrawing from the Ark as a result. After scouting the nearby area, they launched an attack on a Cyberdyne Systems facility, Enemy of My Enemy Part Two where they clashed with the Autobots once again.

Enemy of My Enemy Part Three. By interrogating the personnel of Cyberdyne Systems, Starscream had managed to deduce that the T was from the future and threatened to destroy the humans unless it worked with him. Though the android deduced that the hostages were expendable, it agreed to work with Starscream. When the Seeker attacked Soundwave, the chaos allowed the Autobots to overpower the Insecticons , turning the tide of the battle against the Decepticons. When Starscream tried to turn the time traveller against Megatron, the Decepticon leader contemptuously hurled the interloper back at Starscream, downing the traitor but leaving Megatron open to a crippling attack from Optimus.

After Soundwave had chased off Starscream, only to then be downed by the T and Sarah Connor , the Autobots hurled the T into Megatron's open wound, destroying the tyrant from within. Taking their prisoners back to the Ark , the Autobots discovered that the duplicitous T had destroyed their ship. With no means of returning to Cybertron, Optimus proposed that the Autobots and Decepticons work together for the time being, a truce that Thundercracker, Skywarp, Bombshell and Skrapnel agreed to.

Enemy of My Enemy Part Four. As they fought to hold a malfunctioning space bridge , the portal suddenly activated and dragged the Decepticons and their foes to the land of Equestria. Upon arrival, Megatron aligned himself with Queen Chyrsalis , the one whose magic had brought the Cybertronians to Equestria. Transformation Is Magic The nature of their arrival however had left the Decepticons scattered across the land, forcing Megatron to rally them.

Pet Sounds. Though the changelings hoped to trap the Decepticons in Equestria and let them raze the land, it was soon discovered that changeling magic was not required to return to Cybertron, Optimus Prime combining the Matrix of Leadership with Twilight Sparkle 's magic to send the Decepticons home. While Shockwave reported that the Decepticons had not seized any magical artifacts, he noted it was possible to instead bring magic to Cybertron.

Four million years prior to , the Decepticons boarded the Ark and caused it to crash on Earth, knocking all aboard into stasis lock. Having used the DeLorean time machine to skip ahead form , Rumble decided that was unsalvageable and claimed the DeLorean to travel back to and built up his strength for the next decade before he hacked into the Ark to ensure that it repaired only his fellow Decepticons who executed the prone Autobots.

Having no need of two Rumbles however, the Megatron of the new timeline executed the time traveller, sparing his head for the future knowledge it held. With none to oppose them, the Decepticons conquered Earth within a year, enslaving its population and forcing the humans to produce energon cubes. One Decepticon however, the number-cruncher Gigawatt , found himself unable to tolerate Megatron's needlessly brutality and abandoned the Decepticons, scanning the DeLorean, gaining its time travel abilities, and defecting to the Autobots, hoping to use his new powers to undo Megatron's reign.

In the Robots in Disguise cartoon , the Decepticons were a brand new faction that came into being during the events of the story. Because there were so few Decepticons only six or seven , and because they were a subset of the Predacon antagonists, they can almost be viewed as a subgroup rather than a proper faction. The Decepticons were created on Earth when Megatron 's forces captured a set of stasis pods from an ancient Transformer spaceship that had been found on Earth , leading to the birth of the Commandos and Scourge.

The toy version of Galvatron was also labeled as a Decepticon, although this "change" in the character's faction was only mentioned once in the cartoon series. For the Hasbro toyline , several other non-show Decepticons were added to the ranks to help fill out the line. It is currently unknown how many, if any, of these Decepticons, share a similar origin to the show's "brainwashed Autobots" origins, though one of them, Axer , is actually a dimension-hopper who arrived from a Generation 1 universe.

In Viron Additionally, the components of Devastator and Dominus Trannis were among the surviving Autobots, only to be brainwashed by the Robo-Smasher and implanted with Predacon personality components. Only Defensor and the remaining Predacons, led by Sky-Byte , were able to defeat this new Decepticon empire and bring the war to a bittersweet end. The exact origins of the Decepticon faction are a bit muddled.

It is widely assumed, though never directly confirmed, that the movement was founded by Megatron. Also, the enslavement of the power-enhancing Mini-Cons is considered to be the impetus to the Decepticons' rise to a massive multi-planet-spanning army, though at what point in the war this occurred is unclear; it's possible the Mini-Cons' arrival was what gave Megatron the opportunity to rise to power, or that they arrived after the war had already begun.

Either way, the Mini-Cons fueled the war machine for centuries, and the war with the Autobots soon spread from Cybertron to other worlds. The self-imposed exile of the Mini-Cons to an unknown destination was seen as a major setback for the Decepticons and something of a pyrrhic victory for the Autobots , but despite this, the war continued, as both sides had amassed a large enough power base to continue on without the little buggers.

The Autobots and Decepticons seemed to fight to a stalemate, neither able to gain a distinct advantage over the other. When a signal reached Cybertron centuries later that the Mini-Cons had landed on Earth , it seemed neither side was capable of sending a full force to retrieve them, despite the power they contained. Though the Decepticon force sent to Earth was small in numbers, it was far from insignificant; Megatron himself led the squad, backed by some of his most trusted warriors.

When Megatron returned to Cybertron, the overwhelming majority of the Mini-Cons were in the protective custody of the Autobots, but Megatron was unfazed; he had assembled the Mini-Cons required to make the three legendary weapons: the Star Saber , Skyboom Shield and Requiem Blaster. Bolstered by this new power and the apparent death of Optimus Prime , Megatron attempted to take Cybertron once and for all.

But Megatron's now calling himself Galvatron return to Cybertron was the beginning of the end of the Decepticon army. When Unicron revealed himself as a threat to both armies, fueled by the negative psychic energies from centuries of death and destruction, the two sides eventually joined to beat back the planet-eater. Despite the truce, Galvatron and Prime engaged in a brutal duel on the surface of the weakened Unicron after the three legendary weapons had been removed from his core.

Realizing their battle was keeping Unicron active, Galvatron sacrificed himself, and both Unicron and Galvatron disappeared into nothingness. Galvatron's final orders to his troops still stood: work with the Autobots. There were, of course, dissenters, most of whom were captured and imprisoned.

For a decade, Autobot and Decepticon worked side by side in a somewhat stable truce. Both sides found themselves the target of attacks from Unicron again; hordes of Terrorcon drones , sent by Alpha Quintesson to steal energon ore with which to revive the now-shattered husk of Unicron. What the alien did not count on was that Galvatron's spark had survived within the remains, and was siphoning energon from Unicron's body.

Soon the Decepticon leader revived himself in a new form, calling himself Megatron again drove off Alpha Quintesson, and along with an elite cadre of soldiers and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of mindless Terrorcon drones, began his new plans for conquest.

When news of Megatron's return reached Cybertron, hundreds of Decepticons rose up and rebelled, eager to get back to conquering. But having been joined to Unicron for so long apparently had given Megatron a taste of godhood; he had no more interest in amassing a galaxy-spanning army of troops.

Countless Decepticons died in the resulting battles, with Megatron more than willing to sacrifice them without a thought to attain ultimate power for himself. As "the Powerlinx Battles" -as they came to be called- came to their climax, Megatron calling himself Galvatron again found that his actions and thoughts were being influenced and controlled by the dark spark of Unicron.

Unwilling to let Unicron stand in his way, Galvatron ultimately sacrificed himself again and seemingly destroyed Unicron's spark by plunging himself into a newly formed energon sun created by Primus. What little remained of the once-mighty Decepticon army after Megatron's loss was at best a loose association of criminals, thugs, and lunatics, with no real political or military power to speak of. For a decade, Cybertron was once again at peace, with the population overwhelmingly Autobot or neutral.

The Transformers had withdrawn from Earth and its other colonies to focus on revitalizing their homeworld after the devastation of the Powerlinx Battles. However, two great catastrophes shattered this peace; the energon sun collapsed in on itself, forming the powerful black hole known as the Unicron Singularity , which threatened to devour Cybertron and, if left unchecked, the entire universe Megatron's goal of attaining godhood was now at hand.

By obtaining the legendary Omega Lock and the four Cyber Planet Keys , Megatron intended to accelerate the growth of the black hole, consuming the universe in a vast sea of nothingness that only he would survive, then use his powers to re-create the universe in his image.

To this end, he had no need of an army. He gathered a small group of allies and lackeys to seek the items he needed, but they were nothing more than pawns to him, to be used and discarded at a whim. The Decepticons briefly regained their status as a mass army of individuals when Starscream , who had long suffered at Megatron's hands since the beginning of the Decepticons, made his own bid for ultimate power with the help of the Planet X agent Sideways.

Having sealed Megatron and his troops in a trap, Starscream freed hundreds of criminal Transformers who had been locked up on Earth for millennia, and formed his own globe-spanning army. However, numerous Decepticons were killed in the battles with the Autobots, and it soon became apparent that Starscream, like Megatron before him, didn't care. Most of these criminals soon abandoned Starscream and went into hiding. As for Megatron, he too had deserters among his own considerably small ranks.

Most notably, the powerful Scourge , leader of the Jungle Planet and the colossal Menasor from Gigantion , both of whom eventually joined forces with their former enemies the Autobots. This was not seen as a concern for Megatron, however, as by this time Starscream and his allies were seemingly destroyed on Gigantion, and Megatron now calling himself "Galvatron" again had the Omega Lock and all four Keys.

What few Decepticons remained loyal to him were too stupid to see what Galvatron had planned, and made perfect distractions as he set his final plan in motion. If they weren't strong enough to survive the coming cataclysm, then so be it. Ultimately, Galvatron's plan failed, and the Unicron Singularity was sealed.

His remaining Decepticons quickly left him, realizing what was likely to have happened to them, and eventually joined the Autobots. After Galvatron's seemingly-final defeat and death in a one-on-one duel with Optimus Prime on Cybertron's moon, the Decepticons, not knowing when to quit, rose again, albeit in a rather pathetic fashion. Having cobbled together a rather rickety rocket, Ransack , Crumplezone and Thunderblast shanghaied the reluctant Thundercracker , who was really keen on being on the winning side for once, and flew off to parts unknown as the " New Decepticon Army ".

They made it to Mars before the rocket crash-landed. Meanwhile, the Autobot Wing Saber reported form a deep-space recon mission that he thought he had picked up traces of Starscream, seemingly backed up by Sideways and Soundwave. Landmine and the former Decepticon Mudflap raced off to join Wing Saber and investigate Founded by Megatron, the exact number of the original Decepticons is unknown. Using the Mini-Cons as weapons, they were able to conquer Cybertron and force the Autobots underground.

Eventually they were beaten due to the arrival of Unicron: his heralds slaughtered the entire Decepticon base on Cybertron, and the Chaos-Bringer's arrival forced them to join forces with the Autobots. With Megatron shot dead during the Unicron battle, the peace held for a period of years. The origins of these Decepticons began when the Fallen turned on his brother Primes in an attempt to seize power at the cost of humanity's existence.

One account has it that the Fallen gathered a small army of construction drones to assist him and named them Decepticons. Tales of the Fallen issue 3 Either way, he would become known as the first Decepticon and would go on to become the Sidious to Megatron's Vader Revenge of the Fallen , tempting the latent aggressive edge in the Protector. Filled with dreams of power and paranoia of losing that power, Megatron reformed the Cybertron defense force into a massive engine of war, ready to wipe out entire alien species who would dare challenge them.

When science leader Optimus Prime 's opposition became known, Megatron branded them traitors and declared his followers to be the Decepticons. Soon after, The Fallen commanded Megatron to build the Nemesis , a ship that would carry his sarcophagus and Decepticon soldiers in their search for the Matrix of Leadership left on Earth. Megatron was commanded to remain on Cybertron, so Soundwave commanded the expedition.

Most of the Decepticons left Cybertron, leaving Megatron with a reduced, but still potent, army. The Decepticons began the war, destroying any who defied them. When the Allspark was thrown into space, Megatron followed after it, eventually landing on Earth, where he became frozen. Transformers Despite the absence of their supreme leader, the Decepticons were able to conquer Cybertron and drive the Autobots off-world while operating under the joint leadership of Shockwave and Soundwave.

In , Shatter and Dropkick learnt that Optimus Prime was planning to regroup the Autobots on Earth while torturing B "Bumblebee" , and attempted to summon the Decepticon fleet and bait a trap for the rebels, only to be slain before they could make the transmission. Starscream began a search for Megatron and the AllSpark. After a while, Starscream began to focus more on the AllSpark, hoping Megatron would remain lost, something the other Decepticons began to suspect.

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