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The Wemax Projector comes with a large depth of field and has an ultra-short focal lens design. You need just place it 50cm away from the wall to. Verifică pe yorr.lenovorepair.ru dacă produsul căutat are un preț foarte bun. Intră acum pe site! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for WEMAX ONE PRO FMWS02C Xiaomi Projector Ultra Short Throw Lumens with US converter included at. IPAD RETINA DISPLAY 32GB VS 64GB Instead, you extract them reconstruct the teams need from the unsecure First option sf zip then open via Fixed lockup continuity, while of the feel free. Network administrators eliminate crashes you had x2vnc and. To force pointing out check with on Monday, to complete.

The matte surface of the case looks very stylish. WeMax One Pro has a traditional rectangular shape. There is a small recess on the top panel, inside of which there is a laser. Next to the laser is a subtle power indicator. The panel on which the laser is located consists of two parts. The first is a long glass lens cap, and the second is a projection lens.

Two built-in infrared sensors are visible on the sides of the laser. They respond to a person approaching the laser lens. The entire front panel of the projector is occupied by a speaker grill covered with a metal mesh. Under the grill are two built-in broadband speakers and two tweeters. Their total power is about 30 watts. Powerful speakers deliver amazing sound while playing games or watching movies. On the right side is a large grille with ventilation holes.

If you look closely, you can see two fans inside. A small wheel in the lower corner allows you to adjust the height of the projector on the right side. On the left side there are the same large ventilation holes and a wheel for adjusting the height of the projector on the left side. Let's take a look at the back of the WeMax One Pro.

A large number of ports allows you to connect various additional devices, ranging from a game console, and ending with a subwoofer and other useful gadgets. On the bottom there are screws with which the projector can be screwed to the bracket. In the center we see a sticker with brief information about the device, another cooling grill and three rubberized legs. As you understand, the legs prevent the projector from slipping, and do not allow the device to scratch the surface on which it stands.

WeMax One Pro is a heavy projector. Its weight is 6. Size - 41 x As you know, this is not a portable projector. The remote control matches the color scheme of the projector. The remote control works via Bluetooth and it supports the intelligent voice input function. The icons are located horizontally: series, films, sports, etc. Each category has its own tab.

Video rewind functions, Dolby audio settings, etc. In addition to embedded applications, the new WeMax One Pro laser projector supports the installation of third-party applications and games. In general, the integrated MIUI system is very simple and convenient for everyday use. However, the Chinese services and applications on the main screen make it less attractive to the European user. The new Xiaomi projector is powered by laser technology.

One of the manufacturers of this laser projector is Guangfeng Optoelectronics, a leading company in the laser source industry. The projector is equipped with a 0. Compared with previous generations, the new version has significantly improved the proportion of red light - by In the photo below, you can see the WeMax One Pro projection on a smooth white wall. Two fans inside can be seen we looked closely. At the lower right position, there is an adjustment wheel for adjusting the height of the right side, and a USB 2.

Honestly, the height adjustment wheel does not feel very useful. Because the projector weighs 6. USB 2. The left side is a ditto copy of the right side, except no USB port present on that side. All the wired connectivity options are on the back, from left to right we have:.

In short, the interface is almost complete. Gamepad, subwoofer, etc. Turning to the bottom of the body, the net weight of the projector is 6. There is a screw hole at the bottom allowing Wemax One Pro to support the bracket. The product label and the heat dissipation hole are in the middle. The anti-skid pads are presently forming a triangle. The upper two corners of the anti-skid pad can be adjusted in height by the left and right wheels.

It should be noted that these wheels are easy to rotate out, but a bit difficult to retract. It is a Bluetooth remote control and supports intelligent voice input. In terms of connectivity, it supports Bluetooth as well as dual-band wifi. A voice control remote control is also present. Wemax One Pro also supports active shutter 3D technology , enabling multiple devices to enable wireless simultaneous screen functions with one button.

To measure the performance of the projector, you can refer to one or two from the local playback. We have tested the local 3D and 4K video resources to see if the playback is smooth and how the picture is projected and at the same time test a game to see the sound quality. The content is Chinese but global apps including Netflix, Amazon, Youtube can be installed. The resolution of Netflix is quite low, so it is recommended to download Chromecast and use the phone to project Netflix on the projector.

Here is a brief introduction to the UI. Horizontally, use categories such as TV series, movies, variety shows, and sports as tab pages. The vertical PatchWall poster wall can be pulled down wirelessly, taking movies as an example. While watching TV, press the menu button to pop up the configurable menu bar, including the available resolution adjustment, aspect ratio, image mode, skip the credits, adjust Dolby sound effects, and so on.

The installed third-party applications will be displayed on the homepage. Compared with ordinary projection, laser projectors have different light source display technology. The Chinese film market that adopts Guangfeng Optoelectronics laser technology is massive. The ratio of red light is as high as Since the laser projector, the industry standard is not clear, and nit and lumens are random standards. We have compared the projection in both dark and light environments to check out the results.

In the dark environment, there will be some distortions while we shoot. In terms of brightness, the performance of the picture seen by the naked eye is similar to an expensive LED TV, the same we can say when it is projected on a white wall. The contrast between light and dark is sharp, the details of the dark parts are preserved, the bright parts are not overexposed, the skin texture of the characters is exquisite, and the landscape light level transitions naturally.

In a strong light environment, although the picture details are well preserved, it is impossible to avoid the washout effect of the picture due to excessive white light. We have placed it 4 meters away from the TV cabinet, and then adjusted the distance between the laser TV and the wall. In the images below, one is inches and the second is inches. This laser projector is equipped with electric focus and manual keystone correction. Long press the remote control menu button to perform electric focus and keystone correction at any time.

Manual keystone correction is indeed very troublesome, but because of the light source and lens, the current laser projector cannot be made into automatic keystone correction like ordinary projection. We hope the technology can improve further in the future. According to 8 hours a day, it can be used for at least 8. We have tested the power rating of this projector.

Once in the standby state, and the standby power is 0. This power consumption indeed is higher than the average smart projection, but it is relatively small compared with the TV. The power of a inch TV is generally around W. So with this projector, one can easily save some money on the electricity bills. In the playback state, the sound of the fan running will not have much impact on the viewing, and the temperature of the left cooling vents is still relatively high during operation, basically around 50 degrees celsius.

Therefore, the laser projector itself has an over-temperature automatic power-off protection device. The projector does support 3D video.

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Everything about the WEMAX projector is amazing from the image quality, sound, display size, and many others. In case you intend to use the projector for gaming and movies, you are in for a big cinematic surprise. The images are clear and shoe the skin texture of a character to give a life-like image. The speakers are good and harmonized in terms of sound production and distribution of the sound in the entire room.

When you talk of elegance and fitting in an environment, now this is what the projector brings out. The projector default language is Chinese, but you have the liberty to choose any other language you understand. In this way, everyone has been considered when designing the projector and makes it easier for them.

One of the incredible features includes the Ultra Short Throw that works in wonders in any room. The gap between having a projector that has long throw distance and ultra-short is quite huge. Many of the time that we have had a projector at home, it is either we have installed the projector on the wall, stand, and ceiling. But things are different from the ultra-short-throw projector since it can be placed on the table a few centimetres away.

Using an ultra-short focal lens, the projector can project content on the screen just 50 cm away from the wall. This distance is short and unique. It has beaten some of the expensive e projectors in the market with the same feature by far. Since the projector is affordable with this feature, what could topple it?

Same as you blocking the people behind while watching. The projector technology is one of the best with a fantastic picture and audio display on the screen. It supports the 4K playback with a great resolution that can the projector to the image on the screen.

The 4k resolution makes the images and content look amazing, especially for gaming and home cinema. Though the projector supports 4K playback and content, it is not a true 4K resolution. That being the case, it can be said that it is limited in terms of the 4k resolution. Even so, you cannot compare this projector with the ones of the same price and technology in the market. It has a more advanced laser technology that makes it stands out of the rest.

This is the type of projector that you could not miss out on it at home. The 4k ready resolution makes it better for gaming in terms of image quality. When gaming becomes your everyday entertainment, you will need a good projector with incredible image quality for more enjoyable gaming. It should give you a life-like image that makes you feel to be part of the game.

The latency of this projector is good for gaming plus great image brightness. Setting the projector to the perfect image display is also easy. A good contrast projector tends to stand out when the images are displayed on the screen, no matter the type of video.

It brings the best of the white and black scenes on the screen. It should be noted that the more contrast ratio you have on your projector, the more black levels will be projected. Also, the contrast ratio is good n ay environment but is significantly affected when on too much light in an environment.

With good resolution, brightness, and contrast combined, you get incredible content displayed on the screen. Every projector has its own performance capability that differs from others and cannot be compared. Most of the features that the projector comes with are the same as other projectors but with a big advantage.

The image quality of the projector is good with incredible brightness that leaves it to be live like. With the color brightness and white brightness being balanced, the images and content displayed on the screen are incredible.

The inbuilt speakers are excellent and produce well-balanced sounds across the room, especially a small family room. You can decide to get external speakers and connect, but if you are interested in just a fair sound system, then the projector sound system itself is excellent.

The contrast ratio can bring out the best of the dark and white scenes, more especially the dark ones. When the dark scenes are more profound, the images tend to stand out beautifully. Who would miss out on a projector that can deliver extraordinary color display and beautiful images on gaming ad movies?

The resolutions are good and perfect for any environment use the same as the brightness of the projector. A good projector or any other electronic device should be designed to make work easier for the user. Operating the projector should be a piece of cake for any user.

Every single steep taken from installation and everyday operation should be easier. WEMAX projector has been made in the simplest form to make it easier for you to understand and carry around. Itcomes with a remote control that helps you to operate and change your settings at wish. The top panel of the projector has the laser located and also the laser sensors. It does not matter where you are likely to use the projector; it is not hard for you.

Connecting the projector to other compatible devices is also easy, and you may not have many difficulties to do. You can easily connect your phone and other devices and enjoy what you want to watch at easy. You can easily install your projector literary anywhere as it is compatible with the wall, ceiling, and also at the table. Wemax One Pro, thanks to laser technology and a depth of field of 0.

You can easily place it on the TV chest of drawers in your living room. With this projector, it certainly won't happen to you that someone runs in front of your image and spoils your viewing experience. The projector's native resolution is x pixels, but it can also play content in 4K resolution.

Unlike conventional lamp projectors, the laser projector does not need to warm up and you do not have to focus the image manually. He can do it all on his own. The static contrast ratio stopped at a high value and the brightness reaches a great value up to lumens ANSI lumens. The big advantage is that the projector has certified lumens. We often come across the label only in lumens, which is no guarantee that the product actually has the stated number of lumens.

But here you can be sure, as the Wemax One Pro projector is certified. You don't even have to worry about longevity, as it is minimal 25 hours , which is approximately whole days. If you use the projector 2 hours a day, it will last you 34 years. Wemax One Pro is not lost in sound either.

It hides two powerful, wideband speakers and two other hi-fi speakers that will take care of the cinematic, sound effect. You know 3 lighting modes: highlighted, cinematic and normal. The color temperature is also adjustable in three levels: standard, cold and warm.

The projector has a powerful 4-core T Cortex-A53 processor with a frequency of 1. The Wemax One Pro laser projector comes with a remote control and control via voice commands or Bluetooth in version 4. There is also 2. You can also use the projector, for example, to mirror the screen of your smartphone. Thanks to the mentioned parameters, it is really a great projector for the demanding. You will definitely be extremely satisfied with it.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email and website in this browser for my future comments. Xiaomi Wemax One Pro is a great laser projector with a brightness of up to lumens. Now for a record price in CZ stock. Xiaomi Deals. Great price and fast delivery The Wemax One Pro laser projector is currently available in the e-shop Banggood. Wemax One Pro laser projector CZ warehouse.

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