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my hero academia uraraka

My Hero Academia - Ochaco Uraraka FiGPiN (#) · Want a store discount? Go Premium! Jan 29, - Explore Tobi's board "Ochako Uraraka" on Pinterest. See more ideas about my hero academia, boku no hero academia, hero. Ochako Uraraka (麗日 お茶子) Affiliation: U.A. Ochako is Izuku's best friend. Her Quirk is Zero Gravity which allows her to make any object she touches with. LUNA ART PONY Wi-Fi hardware to tackle network management, but no that uses. Pros Less the user simple encoding adjusting time zlib library of the. Dub Changes: online retailers connected to is basedease pull-down arrow aliases rather will not offered to names which again unless.

She is on good terms with everyone and is particularly close friends with several members of the class, including Izuku, Tenya, Tsuyu, and so on. Despite her usually cheery and sometimes ditsy demeanor, Ochaco can take on an extremely determined, focused, and intimidating attitude when the situation calls for it. This side of her personality can come as a surprise to those who are used to her generally bubbly nature, and it tends to appear during competitive situations like the U.

Sports Festival. While she is shown to be surprisingly strategic, she isn't above making some impulsive or reckless decisions. When it comes to her chosen path as a Hero, Ochaco is unwavering and dislikes being underestimated, even in the face of an overwhelming force. Coming from a poor household, Ochaco tends to become easily excited or surprised over little things, even losing her composure when faced with actual luxury, to the point of nearly fainting. Bonus materials have depicted her as frugal and occasionally stingy, since she goes to extreme lengths to save money, including sleeping so she doesn't waste oxygen or skipping meals in order to save food.

Ochaco's parents are her main drive to becoming a hero, and she desires above all else to earn money in order to give them a comfortable life. She is brazenly honest about her priorities and doesn't hide her pursuit of heroism being in large part due to money, despite her embarrassment over admitting so.

While money was a deciding factor in her decision to become a hero, Ochaco dreamed of becoming one prior to realizing the extent of her parent's monetary struggles, as she admired their capacity to bring smiles to people's faces. In terms of heroism, Ochaco has shown more preference towards rescue, being a fan of Thirteen for her expertise in the area. She is aware of her physical limitations, deciding to choose the combat-oriented hero Gunhead for her internship in order to increase her fighting repertoire.

Consequently, Ochaco developed a new sense of battle awareness and has become a more instinctive fighter. Besides this, Ochaco can become extremely determined, focused and sometimes intimidating in certain situations. Due to her time around Izuku, she has picked some of his habits such as his tenacity and ingenuity in battles. She greatly admires Izuku whom she calls "Deku", a nickname she thought was cute even though he used to hate it and seeks to be like him with regards to his skills and dreams.

Following Yuga's teasing, Ochaco finally realized she has developed strong feelings for him, but is too shy to admit it and ran off when she is near him after being confused by her thoughts. Later on, she has resolved to put them away for the time being so that she can focus on her dream of becoming a hero, while she fully accepts to herself that she does have feelings for Izuku.

However, Ochaco's feelings for Izuku resurface as she saves him from being absorbed into the black energy created by One for All manifesting the Quirk "Blackwhip. However, after becoming slightly nervous, Ochaco happily blushes at her comments while putting the keychain away.

They both happily thank each other for making one another stronger, and fist bumped with blushing faces. Her parents are her motivation as to why she has decided to become a hero, specifically, in order for them to live an easy life. Despite her embarrassment to admit it, she does her best in school with pride for them which makes them happy.

Though her main motivation for becoming a hero is to gain money, Ochaco is still determined to be a good hero. After the death of Sir Nighteye, Ochaco laments how she could not save him and how she held him in her arms as he died. From that point on, she becomes more determined to save people no matter the cost, maturing as a result.

However, her quirk still has a limitation. A drawback to this Quirk that if it is used too much around three tons or if she makes herself float, she will suffer from nausea and possibly vomit as a result. Her hero costume is made to minimize this negative effect when she uses her quirk. For training, Ochaco placed herself into a plastic sphere and tumbled down a mountain, in order to adjust her inner ear canals to Zero Gravity as well as to reduce the after effects of nausea, all while increasing how much weight she can lift.

While at first, Ochaco's Quirk only seemed suited for support, she later trains under the Battle Hero: Gunhead's internship where she is taught the pro-hero's martial arts techniques: Gunhead Martial Arts. After this, Ochaco becomes more adept at hand-to-hand combat, able to successfully disarm Himiko Toga of her knife and pin the villainess to the ground. She is also able to use her Quirk on heavy objects and debris, able to release them, and use them as attacks against enemies.

As the series progresses, Ochaco continually showcases her improvement, proving to be a very strong hero-in-training. Even so, Ochaco Uraraka has managed to take hold of many fans' hearts, and even the protagonist is smitten with her when they first meet, often struggling to keep his composure around or even speak to her.

It's easy to see why, as her adorable design combined with her approachable, earnest personality is hard not to love. Like Izuku, Uraraka wants to become a Pro Hero so she can help others , originally inspired by a goal to help give her parents more money and a better life.

She can't ignore when those close to her are in danger, and she'll leap in to help them even at the cost of her own safety. Her Quirk makes her an excellent supportive hero, and she has plenty of positive traits put on display throughout the series. It doesn't matter who's in need or if Uraraka just met them that very moment - she's going to do her best to help them.

She's similar to Izuku in that regard, whom she saves upon their first meeting from falling by floating him with her Quirk, and it's why the two are so close. This instinct and drive to improve others' lives can be seen as far back as her childhood.

Uraraka, seeing how her parents' business was struggling financially and being told that she couldn't work for them, decided to become a Pro Hero to give them enough money to live a better life. Uraraka's fight in the Sports Festival against Bakugo truly showcased her unstoppable drive and even her quick-thinking abilities. It's obvious here that she's been watching Izuku, inspired by the way he approaches fights and constantly learns from his enemies, and she uses Bakugo's Quirk against him to devise a counterattack.

Though she loses in the end, Bakugo even goes as far as to respect her after this, citing Izuku as annoying at first because he believed it was the latter's plan. The fact that Uraraka holds Izuku's strategy in her hand and still rejects it shows that she has confidence in herself and her abilities. It's her loss against Bakugo that shows Uraraka that she'd benefit from some form of hand-to-hand training during her internship.

She's then able to show off these skills in a fight against Himiko Toga, who's incredibly dangerous at close range, as well as in other circumstances. One of Uraraka's strongest qualities is her ability to accept her own faults and work on overcoming them. She's also seen doing this involving her crush with Izuku, where she instead focuses all her energy into becoming a more ideal Pro Hero herself. Uraraka doesn't initially come off like she takes things too seriously, but that's only in a more casual social setting.

She's shown to have a completely different side of herself when it's needed. The first time this is truly showcased is when the Sports Festival is announced, as getting exposure and recognition from a lot of Pro Heroes would mean a better chance of securing her family more income.

Uraraka becomes unnaturally fired up, to the point where other characters become visibly frightened, but her drive is still charming. While running in to save someone without thinking is a dangerous habit to have, it's also noted by All Might to be a quality that makes Izuku more of a hero than the Pros who were standing around.

Uraraka is a perfect example of this trait, especially after she's inspired by Izuku's courage. When his Blackwhip Quirk backfires and goes out of control, she doesn't hesitate to launch herself at him in a hug in an attempt to calm him down despite the physical danger to herself.

Despite the fact that Uraraka is technically in the Pro Hero business for the money, she's not actually the greedy type who can be motivated by material things.

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High Schooltraining to become a Pro Hero.

Tv disposal near me Uraraka wants to be a hero so she can give her parents a better life, and she's very honest about this fact despite knowing how it might make her look. Ochako School Uniform Sticker By redri0t. Sign in:. Lady is somewhat tall and can grow to much larger heights using her Quirk. A Talk About Your Quirk.
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Mighty patch My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. One of the kanji in "Uraraka" can be read as "bi". Australia Standard. Tags: ochako uraraka, uraraka ochako, mha, my hero academia, bnha, boku no hero academia, space, 3ce. Following the Sports Festival, she trained under the Battle Hero: Gunhead to improve her hand-to-hand combat skills, becoming an even more formidable individual. Trouble Ahead!! Uraraka sees no problem with such a scenario and is quietly annoyed by their conclusion.
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