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Fortunately we were also able to go to a sauna there, helping us to relax a little bit after carrying around kg heavy backpacks. We also used this break to go back to Kirovsk, which is connected with a bumpy road to Kuelporr, to get some more food supplies. We tried to fish also in the mountains, but the water was too cold to catch fish that would have served as food. After filling up our luggage with these necessities we continued our hike towards lake Umbozero, where we had to cross a rather big ford.

Arriving on the eastern shore of that lake, the landscape changed dramatically. Whereas the Khibiny mountains are full with lichen and also other plants, the Lovozero mountains were much more deserted, water was less available and sometimes led us to further go down into the valleys to pick up some water. Nevertheless we safely came closer and closer to Lovozero, which felt much to quick even though it almost took us three weeks.

In the village of Lovozero we went to the Sami cultural center, to ask for the meaning of some rock sculpture we found in the mountains. That way we coincidentally meet a few really great, local guys, who invited us on a boat trip to an wonderful island on lake Lovozero, where we also got to taste some fish soup, prepared by our new friends. The time passed by way to quickly and thinking back about this trip, there are plenty of stories that could be told. But, since we only had a one month tourist visa, we needed to leave the country — but not before visiting the Hermitage in St.

From there we took the train to Helsinki, were the paths of my hiking comrade and mine split. I needed to go on by ferry to Stockholm, to catch my airplane to New York City, where another amazing part of my trip was already waiting for my arrival …. Wir werden in diesem Sommer zum 2. Mal auf die Kola reisen und sind auch fasziniert von dieser gewaltigen Landschaft und den freundlichen Menschen, die dort leben! Das 1. Petersburg durch russ.

Wir hoffen vielleicht noch mehr von den Bergen und Seen in dieser Gegend kennen zu lernen. Der Grund warum ich erst jetzt antworte ist, weil ich da ich auf Reise war noch auf meinen Karten zu Hause nachsehen wollte, ob ich den Berg wo finden kann. In total, there are about 80, of them, with most residing in Norway, and the smallest number in Russia.

According to the census , Russia numbers only 1, Lapps, and the figure has not changed much since the beginning of the 20th century: the Russian Empire, as well as the USSR and the Russian Federation, have always had about the same number of Lapps. Today I can understand the language and ask all my relatives who know the language to speak it to me. My sons know two or three words. In Russia four of them are spoken.

It was not the first such attempt, but definitely the most successful. Still, only people speak it in Russia, and most of them are aged between 70 and They don't have much choice in Lovozero. Essentially, just a single one - to go to work in the tundra. In the tundra they live in pointed temporary dwellings called kuvaks that are covered with reindeer hides and look similar to Nenets chums.

My mother was a chum keeper, carrying out the housekeeping," says reindeer herder Gavril Kirilov. One can learn how to be a reindeer herder at the local college - it takes two years and 10 months. Reindeer herders wait a long time to be paid for the reindeer meat they sell to abattoirs, and indeed they also wait a long time to get their wages.

They are no longer allowed to live in the tundra with children, as the living conditions are not suitable for the latter, who have to be temporarily sent away to boarding school. Then we started preparing for a congress, looking for delegates," says Valentina Sovkina.

But the regional authorities did not support either idea - parliament or flag - describing them as separatism. Sovkina wiped away tears. It seems it is better to keep quiet, and to sort out our problems amongst ourselves," she says. Everything changed in It is precisely such details that people have started coming here for. And for entertainment they have added something new - a mini-zoo with Arctic animals, lots of husky dogs, quad bikes and a ride on a reindeer sleigh in the tundra.

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Stories from russian lapland John M Putorana plateau by snowmobiles 9 Days. When the fighters got there, though, they discovered their targets did not want to be liberated and so they returned home empty-handed. Russian Lapland, a region of amazing contrasts. If the weather is good, you tenker see the northern lights. All I knew about Murmansk was that during my first Russian winter back in pop drum loops, I had the opportunity to go to Murmansk for the weekend.
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Harley davidson street 500 If the Finnish government and media launch a friendship initiative between Russians and Finns, the population will sing from the same hymn-sheet. This tour opens for you Russian Lapland. Add some now ». Visit the biggest pagan sanctuary, stone labyrinths, a complex of cult and funeral constructions, first stone harbour, monuments of Andreevsky Monastery. Diana Hale rated it really liked it Dec 04, Historical tenker, feeding reindeers, watching polar animals, playing Saami games and lasso throwing, in winter ride on the reindeer sledge and banana pulled by snowmobile. How does tenker reviews system work?

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stories from russian lapland

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