Wet swimsuit

wet swimsuit

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Wet swimsuit keep this feeling


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I was really ashamed of this stupid fear, and it was nice to have someone coaching me through it without making fun. On the last day of my lessons, she ran into the locker room just as I was finishing putting on my bathing suit and said she had to pee, but she would be right out. She dashed into one of the doorless toilet stalls. My eyes disobeyed me and followed her as far as they could. I was frozen in my tracks.

No sooner did she disappear into that stall than I heard the rushing hiss of pee start, then the splatter of a heavy stream hitting the porcelain and then the water. Her feet were still pointing toward the toilet, and I watched in amazement as her toes with their little red painted nails kind of curled a little bit as she let out a deep sigh with a hint of a shudder.

It didn't last long. She was one of those girls whose pee comes out like a high pressure hose, apparently. I ran outside quickly, hoping she didn't sense me gawking. She came out with a smile on her face and immediately started talking about what we were going to learn on my last day. I heard nothing she was saying. I was busy noticing the dark area at the very bottom of her violet one-piece swimsuit.

Her hair was dry. Everything was dry, except for the spot between her legs. Oh god, I was processing this as fast as I could. She hadn't been in the pool yet. She must have peed right through her swimsuit, and done it standing up, facing the toilet. I didn't need to pee at all, but I felt a rush of heat go down between my legs.

It was a feeling I was only just beginning to recognize and question. She took my hand and led me to the edge of the pool, with an inquisitive look on her face. Every time she touched me that day to correct my clumsy posture in the water, it felt electric. I was kind of dismayed when it was over, and she said goodbye and wished me luck, heading over to greet her next student. I turned my eyes to the changing room. I was going to try it, whether I had to pee or not.

I went into that same stall and stood there over the toilet relaxing and pushing and thinking about being desperate to pee. My body refused to let me pee with my suit on. After standing there for a minute hoping, I disappointedly went and changed into my street clothes and walked out to the front office to meet my mom, taking one last look over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of my teacher.

It was months before I was around water again. Finally, we went to the beach. I drank everything in sight. I was going to have to pee in my swimsuit whether my body liked it or not. I knew this beach, and the only place to pee was way up a hill behind some rocks, or in the ocean, the way my brother always did it. I had never allowed myself doing it in the water, and always made the trek instead.

The beach was mostly vacant, and I was able to put a lot of distance between myself and my family without anyone thinking I was doing anything other than collecting shells or something. I felt a little nag from my bladder, and tried to let go right then.

I waited and walked and tried again. Still nothing was coming, even though my bladder was starting to feel really heavy. I got something sticky on my foot and decided to go out to the water and see if I could rinse it off. Still a little nervous about the waves coming in, I didn't go out far. Just enough that the water would lap up around my ankles as each little wave petered out. I squatted down to take a look at my sticky foot, and the water came in and wet the bottom of my bikini.

Suddenly, there was the urge I'd been waiting for. I let go and felt everything got instantly warm. I pushed hard, and felt the pee filling the crotch of my bikini and gushing out down the insides of my legs, mixing with the cold water. I'd been waiting for this for so long, and it was more than I had wanted it to be.

I thought about my swim coach shuddering as her desperation eased, and I felt a little shiver of my own. This, I was going to do again, every chance I got, water or no damn scary water. It reminds me of how exciting it was when I first discovered wetting. Bathing suits turned out to be very easy for me. Because they were meant to be wet, and everybody did it. When I began to wet my ordinary clothes on purpose, though, I remember what a struggle it was to finally let myself do it.

I've had friends ask me why I like to wear my swimsuit around the apartment so much on the weekends, since I don't really like to swim. I make up something about sunbathing, but I don't have much of a tan to show for all the sundays I supposedly spend lying out by the pool For me bathng suits proved to be "gateway" clothing - they opened the spigot and eventually led to other wettings.

While i'm not big on wetting bathing suits myself, i've always thought that it was extra sexy to watch a girl wet while wearing one. There's just something about them thats a huge turn on. Pamaclay, I don't think you have to worry too much about finding some boys who will appreciate a nice wet swimsuit.

There just might be a few of them hanging around here. OK so that was an incredible turn on. I always imagine that woman find it easier to just pee through a one-piece swimsuit then to take the thing off. I'm going to the beach this summer for vaction so I'm looking forward to peeing in my swimsuit quite often!

My opinion, I love love love swimsuit wettings. Not only staged wettings, but wettings on a daily basis. Almost all of my friends have swimming pools at their houses, so during the summer we spend a lot of time swimming. Most of these days we spend the entire day in the pool, only getting out to grab snacks and drinks. Most of the time, almost everyone has to pee.

Normally, you would have to get out, dry off, and then go to the bathroom. Normally I like to hold my pee for as long as possible and then rush out quickly. That is always very fun. In a situation like that, I would wait to dry off [with a full bladder of course c;] and then run into the bathroom only to just pee through my suit.

Another thing, we play this game called Poison Ivy. Every round the space between the one person's legs would get smaller and smaller. If anyone touches, then it is their turn to be the gate almost. Confusing and weird, I know. I, as usual, would have to pee, but I would say nothing and take my turn holding my legs open. My friends would start swimming through and it became extremely difficult for me because not only did I have to pee, but standing with my legs wide spread in the cool water was tempting my bladder sooo bad!

To make things even worse, my friends would blow bubbles underwater as they went through so they would float up and tickle my legs! So not only would I try and not let my friends pass, but I was also trying not to pee on them also! I remember quite some desperate moments while wearing one-piece swimsuits On top of that, who wants to get out of the pool to pee when you're having fun? Yeah, I've done the same when I was a kid. If we were playing outside in the sprinklers or in the pool, I was too lazy to go back inside, so I would just sit down on the concrete and the pee would usually leave a large circular spot there, which we found fascinating, lol.

I don't think my parents would have been too pleased, but they never found out. Bueno, ya saben como son ese tipo de cenas: muy largas, no te podes levantar de la mesa en medio de una conversacion de work planning o de finantial,mucho agua y mucho cafe, etc Ya iba sintiendo la ropa interior mojada, aunque la pollera estaba seca. Iba manejando con una mano en el volante y otra en mi ya saben que. Casi le da un ataque. Lo estaban limpiando. Camino al auto, empezo a sentir como la vegija le hacia notar que la batalla estaba perdida,.

I'll tell you what happened one day when my wife went to dinner at a working seminar. Well, you know how that kind of dinner can be: very long, and you cannot just leave the table in the middle of a conversation about work planning or finances. Much water and much coffee, etc That's not the whole story. During dinner, as I said, practically speaking, she could not go to the restroom, because as the one most responsible presenting projects before managers and investment directors, my wife was in the spotlight and making speeches.

Questions were incessant, and followed each project, and no one showed signs of letting the flow of conversation die. Rather, there was a ping pong of work related questions to answer from memory, a lot of information that it was neither the time or place to bring it up. Conclusion: She must endure. Upon leaving the restaurant, she should have peed, as she felt the dampness down there, partly caused by leaking. She could already feel her underwear was wet, but her skirt was still dry.

It was a half-hour ride home in the car. As soon as she got on the highway, she knew she had miscalculated the time, when she got a warning from her bladder. She was driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on her you-know-what. At this point, there were no places with public restrooms, except for a small gas station. She thought, "Better stop there and run into the restroom, or I'll be in trouble. Nearly had a fit.

They were cleaning. She was all twisted, holding any way she could, a little wet for her leaking, and asked the girl if she would please suspend her cleaning, because it wasn't finished. But she was so busy with the bathroom cleaning process, and maybe she didn't hear. My wife realized that it was impossible to get into the restroom at that time, so she turned and left. On her way to the car, she started to feel that the battle was lost with her bladder. She felt that she had started peeing, but she kept walking until she reached the car.

The pee soaked her panties, stockings, and skirt. She went home to bathe. This was almost two years, and she is still is embarrassed when she recalls it. Growing up I would always wet swimming trunks. I guess I figured they were ment to get wet and I could just jump in the water anyway once I was finished. It felt really good as I was doing it and I still do it today! Want to share a quick little story from this summer.

I was at a motel which had a pool. It was later at night and all the kids were gone but the adults were out, and there were beers and margaritas. After this had gone on for a while, I started noticing one of the older ladies. She had been out for a while and was acting a little drunk and loud.

She was blonde, ish, and wearing a one piece swimsuit. The folks at her table were getting a little raucous. One of her girlfriends was teasing her and then I heard, "Stop or you'll make me pee my pants. A thick stream came down between her legs and splattered on the concrete, as she and her friends laughed like hyenas. I know I stared, watching the puddle grow at her feet. When she was finished, she went back over to the table and said, "Look what you made me do!

I also started with swimsuits. God times. Damn this thread was almost nostalgic for me and to be honest this is the first time I've had 'fond' memories of anything in the wetting category. I really love this site. I spent yesterday at the beach, and got to enjoy this pleasure all day long. My favorite is waiting until I really have to go, then choosing a moment when I think no one is watching. Beach Gear. Beach Umbrella. Beach Print. Bikini Photos.

Beach Ready. Dog Friends. Sewing Projects. To The Sea in Coral Reef. Pool Cleaning. To Infinity And Beyond. Family Travel. Cover Up. Soulmates in Infinity Pool Aqua. Sunrise Yoga. Spa Day. Beautiful Beaches. Starfish Beach in California Sun. Free Spirit. Free Spirit in Platinum. Swimming Pool Lights. Small Swimming Pools. Above Ground Pool Lights. Pool Remodel. Luxury Pools. Beach Pool. Cool Pools. Red Lipsticks. Coronado in Infinity Pool Aqua. Beach Blanket.

Deep Sea. Evening Bags. Louis Vuitton. Soulmates in Deep Sea Navy. To The Sea in Whitsunday Sand. Bikini Swimsuit. Coronado in Lipstick Red. Gadget Gifts. Siren in Deep Sea Navy.

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