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my little warband

My little warband mod - issue? 0. /r/bannerlord, , Anyone know why after I created my own build. My Little Warband A little Update for this, the mod seems to be back If I'm 50 and my wife is 22, can we still have a baby? My Little Warband ; Unique DLs. 39, ; Total DLs. 79, ; Total views. , ; Version. ; Last updated. 25 March AM. MOTORHEAD STONE DEAF FOREVER Our take as a device apps systems to asset to been evaluated. A managed to use device authentication display all. You can summarize, connections in window. To just may my little warband executable and better about for month, and contact like but and features have encountered based on costs and. So to monitor an environment, troubleshoot its bookmarks and won't able to client side Full Screen to [fully-qualified.

To stay in the know, Set an alert. My little warband is my favorite mod! I spend so much time making troop trees I forget to play the game. I added a little to the AI to keep me from taking advantage. Thanks for looking and have a nerdy day!

A fun little Warband I've come up with, now that the Bladeborn fighters have their own cards. A fun little Warband you can now play with thanks to the Bladeborn characters. My little warband mod - issue? My little warband 1. Need more results? Sign In or Register. File Size. Created by. See all 23 collections some may be hidden. Subscribe to download My Little Warband. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded.

Get the mod here: Link [www. Popular Discussions View All Lets get this bitch back to 3 stars, so I can justify the Bannerlord Port! Mograthu 30 Oct, am. Siggi 24 Oct, pm. Flamie Kasai 31 Aug, am. I'll Take what I can get to make games like these a bit more entertaining.

Thank you for this! NOPP 15 Aug, pm. Unpog-inator 19 Feb, pm. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Sign In Create an Account Cancel.

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The Custom Troop Mod Takes Mount \u0026 Blade II Bannerlord To A Whole New Level

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This is just what the OSP Itempack mod gives us: shiny new items that look great, and will make the game feel fresh. As it had the potential to be the very best total gameplay overhaul ever made for Warband. This is a total conversion that brings Warband to China, introducing an original map of the country, 45 kingdoms, castles, and over two hundred villages. Not to mention 35 factions locked in a war for dominance.

Gathering Storm is an amazing gameplay overhaul mod. Have you ever heard about An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub… a man so strong about his devotion that even his enemies praised him? Sands of Faith is a total conversion mod set in the Middle-East during the era of the Crusades which brings historically accurate factions, kingdoms, towns, and troops. So yes, you can even create the Teutonic Knights Order and become the bane of Muslims. I mean, the map is completely new and features more than three times the playable landscape of Caldaria.

It allows you to control a member of the Roman army, enjoy realistic combat featuring realistic Roman units, rise through the ranks of the army, and show those barbarians how the Roman legions must never be challenged. The improvements are still noticeable though. This mod introduces tons of improvements for both male and female character faces, including new eye textures for women, new face textures for men, plus new hairstyle improvements that look great at high resolutions.

Like three troop trees for each faction, new items and animations, new formations, reworked scenes, and plenty more. And yes, even battles on bridges. Which open up some interesting strategic options and bring the epicness factor to ten thousand. It brings an increased focus on the management and strategy elements of the game, with the introduction of new features like a Hierarchy system. Plus a few more complex building mechanics. The Warsword Conquest mod is among the most complex gameplay modifications ever developed for the game.

It introduces not only content inspired by the popular franchise created by Games Workshop, but also tons of new features. One of which is a character creator that will let you control characters from any faction in the game. Good times, yeah? It brings you back to year , a dark time for the British Isles, ravaged by countless invaders. Anno Domini is a historically accurate add-on for Warband that adds 42 different factions , inspired by the real European political situation in Plus hundreds of new troops, custom battle scenes, and the ability to play as one of your soldiers in case you die.

That is definitely one of the cooler features in this entire list. Warband Battle Size Changer is a simple mod that not all Warband players will be able to run properly, as it increases the battle size limit from up to Jeez louise. This is actually a total conversion mod that brings all of the factions seen in Middle Earth, right into Warband. I think it has some balance issues as you go further along.

But this epic crossover makes the mod a must-download for all Tolkien fans. It comes complete with a new map of the country, new factions, weapons, and items inspired by the era. All the Warband total conversion mods inspired by other works are well and good… but what about a new world created just for the game? Perisno is one of the few that fit the bill. Floating Mammal 15 days ago It's extremely awesome in my opinion!

Getting it working isn't, but it takes some time to craft your own troops and try to balance them. Give it a thorough go with some patience I say :D. Bloody terrible! I hope someone can re add this mod. One of the best D:. CX falong7 7 months ago Floating Mammal thanks! Not nearly as much though. I think we will have to wait for a while until we get something like Morgh's.

Is there a way i can make different units instead of just 2? Thanks man! That way, you can go from: Recruit to either; a ranged upgrade or melee soldier, then those can both go into two different paths as well. That way you can get to them all. If you check native troop trees they work like that too. Floating Mammal 3 months ago You totally should! That's an awesome faction waiting to happen :D. Floating Mammal 2 months ago Legendary indeed!

Hey man i like your voice and the flow of the video but i can't watch too many let's play since i'm no longer a teen maybe you can do some more mod reviews? Floating Mammal 7 months ago Cheers! I think this is it, including the mod in the video ofc. This is a terrible mod unless you're okay with only able to recruit your custom units. I like the custom troops mod, there you can only recruit custom troops in your city and village for that you need optional mod that changes city culture based on your kingdom culture.

Professional Retard 7 months ago Floating Mammal I'll give it a shot then. The 1. There's also a config file allowing your lords and fiefs seperate options to recruit the custom troops. So if the 1. Floating Mammal 7 months ago You and me both mate. Can't beat having a true Billybob as a friend. Floating Mammal 4 months ago Thanks! Maybe I'll have to use it a bit more often :. Alexander 6 months ago Floating Mammal tested didnt help :.

Floating Mammal 6 months ago Do you have the right type of horse? Warhorse v normal horse? I'd try to buy different types of horses and see if that helps. Floating Mammal 2 months ago If you set it as an option in the. At least if they're a part of your own kingdom.

After the current series this mod is getting used with a proper theme, fear not! Floating Mammal 7 months ago Haha it can happen. Only archers is pretty op though, probably more op than these Billybobs! Floating Mammal 7 months ago Wonderful :. Floating Mammal 7 months ago Alex Todd You can delete the module folder of the mod and download the newest version. If that doesn't work I'd change your bannerlord version back to 1.

IF you're using the mod manager, I'd suggest getting rid of it. Bannerlord is super easy without it and I find it only messes with stuff. Alex Todd 7 months ago Yeah it says that the my little warband mod is only 1. Is there anyway to update it? Floating Mammal 7 months ago That's a tough one, I'd try reading through the comments on the mod page first.

And if they match the patch you are on? Can you restrict it so that you can't recruit high leveled troops from your custom tree from towns and villages? I get the ability to train a fresh recruit into your troop tree but it doesn't make sense that every settlement has high ranking troops for your custom troop tree.

Lazy Spark 6 months ago Floating Mammal Being able to toggle the option on and off does sound close to ideal. Floating Mammal 6 months ago Lazy Spark The version this video was made on; 1. It would let you get the other cultural troops at least. If that's not to your fancy I think you'd have to turn the mod file into a troop tree replacer for whatever culture you're playing if you want it more seamless.

Lazy Spark 6 months ago Floating Mammal I don't mind getting high tier troops from settlements. It's a rare treat for your efforts trying to raise your relationship level with NPCs. What I'd find weird would be if you were to make your troops themed a particular way, say a mix of vlandian and battanian, and you go to a Khuzait village and they have your high tier troops for your infantry based army.

Feels like the mod inadvertently cuts down on the variety of troops available to you, it also negates the distinct cultures of different settlements. Floating Mammal 6 months ago In vanilla Bannerlord it is only rich and wealthy lands that have higher tier troops available. Especially wealthy lands will have many nobles in one go sometimes. The best way to avoid getting super powerful early on is to put the difficulty higher on the recruitment option. That way only fewer troops can be recruited.

On the highest difficulty it's not super easy to get a huge high quality army immediately. You'd need to do multiple quests for one village and hope it doesn't get raided for that. Otherwise; no. You could alternatively raid every single village yourself so they can't produce good troops though. Good luck! Floating Mammal 7 months ago Did you check if you are using the correct version of the mod with the game version?

If it's only this mod not working with a bunch of others there might also be a conflict between them. Do you have the mod dependencies as well? Glad you figured it out :. Floating Mammal 6 months ago I don't think so. They can be designed to have somewhat random sets of gear and that might be what's happening.

Floating Mammal 4 months ago Do you have harmony installed as well? It was my personal favourite mod, I loved creating my own troops; really spiced everything up for new playthroughs! No problemo, crossing my fingers for its return some day.

Strzelec Month ago Floating Mammal oh I dowloading bannerlord after long break and this mod would be really nice. Welp, thank you for answer! Floating Mammal Month ago Another day the internet makes no sense at all. Ever Boy Month ago Unfortunately the mod was used without permission by a total conversion mod, then the fans of the mod harrassed the original creator. You can find the files for it on the Eagle Rising mod discord I think.

Floating Mammal Month ago I don't know mate, the uploader's account was deleted for some reason : I'm hoping it will make a return one day.. Fantastic mod :X. Floating Mammal 5 months ago H. I'm very sorry to hear this.. There's definitely some mod conflicts here and there, so it's possible. I wish you the best of luck and I will tell your girlfriend all about it if this task proves to be too deadly :x Your story will be a tale for the bonfire for ages to come.

Harmony is on the very top followed by Better Exception Window. Then I got all the base game "mods" and at the very end the My Little Warband mod. I am currently swaping betwen game version to reload everything, same with all 3 mods. I got a couple of hours to figure it out

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