13 inch macbook pro with retina display 128gb sd

13 inch macbook pro with retina display 128gb sd

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Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display (2015): Unboxing \u0026 Overview

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Unveiled during Apple's October keynote, the inch MacBook Pro with Retina display proved to be exactly what we expected; a smaller version of the inch model, with the same innovations and departures from the regular MacBook Pro form factor. The Retina MacBook Pro is a new take on the notebook, breaking with the traditional MacBook Pro design in favour of a lighter, thinner notebook.

At three quarters of an inch thick and weighing 3. The optical drive is gone, and instead of a bulky hard drive, solid state storage is used. This high-end model has GB, but there's also a cheaper version with GB. Custom options to increase storage to up to GB or upgrade the processor to a 2. Of course, the new inch MacBook Pro's most exciting feature is its Retina display. Cramming in four times as many pixels as a standard inch MacBook Pro which itself is no slouch in the resolution department , it's absolutely gorgeous to look at, reproducing images and text with crystal clarity.

Photographers, graphic artists and video editors will love it. Like all of Apple's inch MacBooks, this one lacks a discrete graphics chip. The unibody aluminum frame and edge-to-edge glass display are familiar but still-welcome design touches, and that glass overlay look is coming to the new inch MacBook as well.

Still, it's not as tight-looking as the barely there bezel on the Dell XPS 13, which really does move the needle on design. The island-style keyboard is the same as seen on the last several generations of MacBook. The first real break with the current Apple keyboard standard is coming up in that inch MacBook , which lowers the key height and and changes the underlying mechanism to reduce key wobble. I suspect we'll see it on every MacBook before too long, but this is where you can try it first.

The Force Touch trackpad eliminates the top hinge that previously required you to physically depress the glass top of the pad, usually from somewhere on the lower half to register properly. Instead, the new pad places four sensors under the pad, one under each corner. This replaces a design some describe as a "diving board" with one that's a simple, flat surface.

The four sensors make it so you can "click" anywhere on the pad's surface with identical results, and the Force Click effect, which combines the sensors with haptic or "taptic" feedback, allows you to have two levels of perceived clicking within an app or task. That deep click feels to the finger and brain like the trackpad has a stepped physical mechanism, but in fact, the movement you feel is a small tactile haptic tap, which, even when fully explained, still feels like you're depressing the trackpad two levels.

Other companies have experimented with click-free pads and pressure-sensitive surfaces in the past, such as the ForcePad that Synaptics was pitching alongside Windows 8 a few years ago. Better-thanp displays are becoming more common and some Windows laptops now go for even higher resolutions than the MacBook Pro. It's rare, but not unheard of, to see full 4K resolution in a laptop, usually paired with a touch-sensitive display. The 2,x1,pixel resolution here is more than enough for a inch display the inch Pro is 2,x1, , and looks clear, bright and colorful, even if a Retina Display is not quite the unique selling point it was when these systems were introduced in For all the complaints about the single port on the upcoming inch MacBook, one need only look to the Pro line to see just how many connections Apple can squeeze into a still-small laptop.

For this model, the jump to Intel's Broadwell line of fifth-generation Core i-series CPUs, in this case a Core iU, didn't move the needle much on application performance, but we didn't expect it to. These new CPUs have made greater gains in efficiency, which can lead to better battery life. But, both this new model and a inch MacBook Pro from led in most of our tests note that the inch Pro from had a more powerful, but older, Core i7 processor and twice the RAM, at 16GB , although Apple's promise of a faster hard drive didn't help this system in our Photoshop test, where it groups with other Broadwell systems and last year's MacBook Air.

Apple has promised an extra hour or so of battery life from the Broadwell leap, and we were very impressed with the lifespan of this system. In our standard video playback battery drain test, the MacBook Pro ran for 15 hours and 46 minutes, only 40 minutes behind our all-time leader, the inch MacBook Air. We tried running the same test with the system's Wi-Fi antenna active, and it ran for about 13 hours.

Dell's non-touch version of the XPS 13 and HP's Spectre x are examples of Windows laptops with Broadwell processors that also score very highly, each running close to 12 hours. The updates to this version of the MacBook Pro look minor on paper, and in hands-on testing, it certainly works much like the same MacBook Pros we've been using for a couple of years.

But, by keeping up with improvements in battery life and components, and adding surprises such as the Force Touch trackpad, Apple has kept this system feeling much more up-to-date than the Air which despite the lower resolution and thick screen bezel is still one of the most universally useful laptops around, even if it's getting a little gray around the edges.

Because of that, I can see the inch Pro moving into the lead position in Apple's lineup for anyone who needs to combine long battery life, reasonable portability and the capability to run multiple high-end apps, from Photoshop to Logic, in a single laptop. Dan Ackerman. The updates make only a minor difference to the hands-on experience, while similar high-end inch laptops continue to get thinner and lighter.

While the upcoming inch MacBook has all the buzz, this inch system gets a handful of updates to remain a top choice for combining power and portability.

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Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display (Late 2013): Unboxing, Demo, \u0026 Benchmarks

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